Limestone Pavers FAQs


Common Questions and Answers

Q: What is limestone?

A: Limestone a sedimentary rock. It is formed by many materials like shells, and marine life. Its main ingredient is calcium carbonate. These materials are compressed over millions and millions of years. Limestone is found in places such as the ocean floor, and caves.

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Q: Is limestone a soft material?

A: No it is not. Limestone pavers are strong, hard wearing, and sturdy.

Q: Can I polish limestone to make it stronger?

A: Seek your manufactures’ advice. It is not recommended that you polish limestone as it will lose its natural texture and become prone to stains and marks.

Q: Is limestone suitable for the indoors?

Limestone Pathway A: It depends. Indoors, people use a lot of acidic household products in the kitchen and bathroom which will stain and damage limestone pavers. Even if the limestone pavers are protected by a sealing product they will still damage limestone. It is a very porous natural stone.

Q: Are there different types of limestone?

A: Limestone pavers are one of a kind. Colors of limestone pavers can vary and the texture of limestone pavers will also vary depending on where it is quarried. For example, Indiana Limestone comes in light grey and buff colors. Weirton limestone comes in black, cream, and beige.

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Q: How does etching affect limestone pavers?

A: Etching is cause by a chemical reaction between acid and limestone. Acids that come in contact with limestone flooring will remove its polish and affect its finish stripping it of all its natural texture.

Q: Can limestone be used as bedding for pavers to be laid?

A: Most commonly limestone pavers are crushed into small particles blended with sand. The mixture is then laid out before pavers can then be laid.

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Q: Are limestone pavers suitable for driveway applications?

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A: Yes indeed. They are a highly versatile natural stone that are most suitable for driveway applications their durability and stability make them your number one choice for your driveway application.

Q: Are limestone pavers water resistant?

 A: Yes they are. Limestone pavers are very porous in there texture. They are able to hold enormous amounts of water. There rough and rugged texture makes them non slip and water resistant.

Q: Can I use limestone pavers in my pool area?

A: Be careful as to what colors you certainly choose for your pool area as the hot sun and direct sun light will heat up darker colored limestone pavers making them un bearable to walk along. If a light color is the perfect choice for you then why not make limestone pavers your perfect choice. They so need to be sealed though. This will make certain that no chlorine or salt water will affect their natural finish.

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