Limestone Pavers Laying Patterns


Introduction to Limestone Pavers

A natural product such as limestone is naturally produced from the ocean sea bed and is also quarried from natural stone. Limestone pavers can provide a natural look and feel for all you’re flooring applications for your residential property or if you are in the landscape industry.

The benefits of limestone pavers are they can be placed indoors and outdoors, because they are durable, versatile and create a beautiful decorative statement for your internal and external needs.

Limestone Pathway

Pattern Advantages

Thin Blocks of Limestone The shape of limestone pavers you finally decide on will create the actual pattern you want to achieve. We are all individuals and therefore have personal tastes and visions. The pattern you require can be as simple and basic as you want. Or if you have an acquired and different pattern in mind that can also be achieved according to the pavers shape that has been chosen.

The most common shapes in limestone pavers are a rectangular shape or a square shape. But for the more elaborate pattern, limestone pavers can be cut to any shape that is required. This is another great advantage limestone pavers have to offer.

Pattern Applications

The natural color and tones that are featured in limestone pavers is one of the many reasons they are so popular and are in huge demand by home owners and renovators.

The patterns that can be achieved are astounding. From a casual pattern to more traditional. The choice is yours. Be creative. Put your imagination in overdrive.

For the outdoors limestone pavers are most commonly applied in areas such as;

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Pathway
  • Pool area
  • Landscape garden surrounding
  • Courtyards
  • Verandahs
  • Entertainment Areas
Limestone Stepping Stones

The pattern you decide on will make an area appear to be larger or smaller. Do your homework right and you will be ecstatic with the end result of the required pattern and design.

Popular Patterns

The following patterns are more commonly used for limestone paver applications;

1. Basket weave

2. Herringbone

3. Running Bond

4. Vertical

5. Spiral

6. Circular

7. Horizontal



Running Bond

In small areas use simple patterns like running bond or basket weave patterns. These patterns will not appear to look too busy and cluttered for smaller areas.

In large areas you can experiment with the variety of different limestone paver pattern so you can create an unusual, effective and unique design.

Circular patterns in limestone pavers should always be placed in a central position of the pattern to achieve best results.

Selecting the right pattern will project the design of the overall appearance of the paved area you have chosen. Be certain but be brave and daring also.