Limestone Pavers Shapes


History and Origins of Limestone Pavers

Limestone rock is a natural product. It is made up from the mineral calcite which is found in the sea beds due to evaporation. There are also traces of sea animal shells that are naturally produced and formed in limestone. One of the natural wonders of nature can be found in limestone.

Limestone pavers have become increasingly popular during the last 20 years in the building industry due to the versatility and durability of limestone pavers. For homeowners, one of the advantages of limestone pavers is they can be applied for all your flooring needs, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Limestone Walkway

Limestone Pavers Applications

The most common areas limestone pavers are used outdoors are driveways, pathways, pool areas, pool coping, courtyard and patios. For the indoors of your home you can apply limestone pavers in the foyer entrance, formal lounge room, kitchen and even in the bedrooms.

Limestone Coping Limestone pavers are the ultimate choice if you want to achieve a more natural feel and over all appearance for all your paving needs. Limestone pavers have such natural beauty and will complement and enhance any area they are applied.

Importance of Shapes to Consider

Choosing the correct shape is a crucial and important factor to consider for the pattern you want to create and achieve. We all have a creative side with in us, so put your imagination to the test. You will be surprised with the outcome. Another great idea to help you choose a shape is from magazines, television and your neighbourhood. The choice is yours if you want a simple design or a more extravagant design.

Types of Shapes

The most common and most frequently used shapes in limestone pavers for residential properties and commercial buildings are as follows:

  • Square shapes
  • Rectangular shapes
  • Oblong shapes
  • Hexagon shapes
  • Circular shapes
Rectangle Pavers

One of the great benefits of limestone pavers is they can be cut into any shape you require in order to create that perfect pattern and design for your paving application needs.

Because limestone is a natural product, no two pavers will ever be exactly the same in color and in shape. That is one of the main reasons limestone pavers are so unique.

Limestone Pavers

Tips on Area Size and Shapes

Depending on the size of the area you want to place the limestone pavers it is advisable to select a larger shape for a larger area as this will tend to make the paved area look bigger. Smaller areas require smaller shaped pavers as this will make the paved area look larger than it really is.