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December 15, 2018   
July 26, 2007 

Dry Spell Affects Landscapers

A lack of rain in Pennsylvania was having an impact on landscaping early this summer. The dry weather was good for hardscaping – adding paving stones and retaining walls, according to Deanna Maddy, vice president of Jason Howles Landscaping.

“We have the ability to run our equipment over lawns without them getting stick or tearing up a lawn,” she said.

The lack of rain has slowed down lawn maintenance and mowing, though.
Renee Yunik, co-owner of BMY Landscaping with her husband, Bryce, said the lack of rain has slowed down the lawn growth cycle, which is common. “It’s normal – it usually happens this time of year,” she said.

“Really it’s the heat (that is the problem). You really can’t work too long in 90-degree heat.” Absence of precipitation is also affecting cemeteries.
Recent graves at Greendale are not looking presentable, according to Jim Vogan, the cemetery’s superintendent.

“A fresh grave needs to have rain to settle,” he said. Before topsoil and grass seed can be put on a grave, the dirt needs to sink and settle. That requires rain.

On the positive side, Vogan said the lack of rain “eliminates our labor up here.”
Although mowing has decreased, the drought has made more work for the cemetery staff. Without rain clouds, watering approximately 40 urns filled with flowers, takes time and money.

Relief does not appear to be in the future as August is typically a month with relatively dry weather.

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