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December 15, 2018   
September 24, 2007 

Bayer Lawn Care Institute Consumer Survey Explores Value of Free Time

Bayer Lawn Care Institute released consumer survey data that revealed that 60 percent of those surveyed believe they have less free time now than they did five years ago, with 40 percent of these respondents indicating they have far less free time now than five years ago.

The nationwide survey conducted by International Communications Research (ICR) on behalf of the Bayer Lawn Care Institute, surveyed 500 homeowners, with children and asked a variety of questions relating to free time. The objective of this survey was to determine how consumers view their free time and what they are willing to do to acquire more of it.

"As a homeowner and father, I understand how important and valuable free time is to me and my family," stated Scott Welge, director of marketing, Bayer Environmental Science. "This survey sought to further understand how our end users are viewing and valuing their free time. Garnering this information will allow us to ensure that our products and services are maximizing their value to our customers and end users," he continued.

Survey results show that most adults with children spend 50 percent or less of their free time on household responsibilities. However, significantly more women (39 percent women vs. 27 percent men) feel they spend more than 50 percent of their time on household responsibilities, while more men (72 percent men vs. 56 percent women) feel they spend 50 percent or less of their time on such responsibilities.

"In an era when the Internet and cell phones maintain a strong presence in many homes, it is often assumed that these technologies create more free time, however, quite the opposite seems to hold true," noted Welge. "Personally, I have found that I now have to work harder to protect my free time," he continued.

On average, the group of adults surveyed value an hour of their free time at $94. Additional results show that the average homeowner spends nearly eight hours each week on lawn care and landscaping tasks around their home and would consider hiring a professional service in order to acquire more free time.

The telephone survey, conducted in July 2007, was developed by the Bayer Lawn Care Institute. The Bayer Lawn Care Institute was founded by Bayer Environmental Science in order to provide lawn care professionals with access to information and resources that would enhance the quality of services provided to their customers. In addition to conducting consumer research, Bayer Lawn Care Institute sponsors educational seminars, networking events and maintains an active Advisory Board to keep abreast of industry issues.

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