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March 21, 2019   
January 14, 2008 

Mowers Moving from Red to Green

As high gas prices continue and concerns about the environment grow, mowing manufacturers have committed to manufacturing
environmentally friendly products and investigating “green” technologies.
Exmark will offer a fuel-efficient lineup during the 2008 model year.

Concurrently, Exmark’s engineers and research and development department will continue to explore alternative fuel technology for possible future use.
“As a leader and innovator in the landscape industry, it is Exmark’s goal to provide products that not only offer our customers maximum performance, but are environmentally responsible,” said Mark Stinson, Exmark President and CEO.

For the second straight year, all Exmark diesel-engine models will be capable of running on B5 biodiesel fuel. Emissions from bio-fuels and biodiesel blends are lower than petroleum-based diesel fuels making them more environmentally friendly. B5 comprises a mixture of 5 percent bio-fuel and 95 percent petroleum based.

All 2008 gas-powered models comply with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) tier III emissions regulations. These regulations require lower levels of exhaust emissions on all models and evaporative controls on select models.
With a commitment to exploring new technologies that are both customer-valued and environmentally responsible, The Toro Company has announced that all model year 2008 diesel-powered commercial mowers will be “biodiesel-ready.”

As part of this initiative, The Toro Company also announced it has created biodiesel upgrade kits for diesel-powered Z Master mowers produced prior to the 2008 model year. Expected to be available in early 2008, the kits will convert diesel models already in the field to be compatible with biodiesel fuel.

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