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March 21, 2019   
December 19, 2005 

Recycled Concrete Bill Approved By Schwarzenegger

A bill recently signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger will work to provide information to consumers and builders on the use of recycled concrete that can be used to build a variety of structures including retaining walls and pavers.

A new bill authored by California assemblywoman, Lois Wolk (D-Davis), will work to provide more information to consumers and builders regarding the use of recycled concrete in modern structures.

The bill, which was recently signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger, was favored by multiple statewide materials organizations because it creates a new division of the concrete industry.“They now have another product they can go into,” said Wolk. “I assume there will be a market.”

Charley Rea, executive director of the Construction Materials Association of California, said the bill provides quality assurance to consumers.

“Basically, the bottom line is to help promote the use of recycled materials,” said Rea. “If someone wants to build using recycled material they want to know the product they are using is a quality product.”

The bill outlines the use of recycled concrete from demolition or construction sites in place of fresh aggregate. UC Davis professor of civil and environmental engineering, John Bolander, says that recycled concrete is acceptable for use in some, but not all, new structures.

“It’s been known for a long time concrete could be crushed and used,” said Bolander. “Structures that don’t carry much load would be candidates.”

The bill will go into effect Jan. 1, 2006. Source: California Aggie


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