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December 15, 2018   
March 15, 2006 

New Anchor WallTM 5.0 Software

March 10, 2006

Anchor Wall Systems is pleased to announce the new and improved AnchorWall™ 5.0 design software that will replace AnchorWall™ 4.0. We will be targeting this software to the experienced SRW design engineer. You’ll notice below that the distribution of this new software program is significantly different that the 4.0 program. A training session with Don Armstrong is required before a copy of the AnchorWall™ 5.0 software will be handed out.

New features:

-DXF file output for incorporation into drafting programs, including both elevation & section views
-Group panel layout
-The ability to offset surcharge loads
-Incorporate broken back slopes
-The ability to perform seismic analyses
-Incorporate horizontal and vertical line loads
-Print reports
-Single page summary of the results
-Detail summary that includes free body diagrams, equations and final result
-Material costing feature
-Quantity breakdown by panel
-Allows for design of bridge loads on retaining walls

Who is a candidate for the Anchor 5.0 software?

-The software is not a giveaway marketing tool; it’s for the serious design engineer. Therefore, you should be looking for your top three to five design engineers in your market to train them on using 5.0. This includes:
-Experienced SRW design engineers.
-The engineering firm that does greater than 30-50 wall designs a year.

-Don Armstrong will be responsible for the complete management of the software that includes distribution and technical support. All questions regarding the software will be directed to Don and he will make the final decision on whether the engineer should receive the software.

How do I request a copy of the Anchor 5.0 software for a customer?

-All requests for the software should be directed to Don Armstrong. A training session between your customer and Don is required before a copy of the software will be distributed.

-Once a training session has taken place, Don will provide a copy of the program.

We are very excited about this new software program and we look forward to working with you in getting this software distributed to the right engineers designing SRWs in your area.

Brad Meyer

Director, Engineered Wall Marketing & Sales

Contact Don Armstrong via e-mail at or

by phone at 800-473-4452

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