Materials Selection for Patio Pavers

Patio Pavers Material Selection...

Introduction to Patio Pavers

Patios are an attractive alternative for those people who like to enjoy outdoor living space. Patio paver is the term that is given to a regular type of paver that can be used to construct this outdoor living space. The 3 main types of materials used to manufacture these are brick, concrete and stone.

Paved Patio

The creation of a unique and theme-based patio is now possible because patio pavers are available in shapes, colors, sizes, patterns and finishes. From an 'old world' feel to a modern or contemporary look, they can be enjoyed on most exotic patios today!

Patio When choosing the type of paver for your patio, it is important to understand the characteristics of the different materials available and deciide which is best.suited for your project. For example, the characteristics of brick pavers differ to those of concrete and stone pavers and so it is important to examine each type of paver closely before making your selection.

Interlocking patio pavers have become increasingly popular for patio design because they are strong, durable and affordable. Installation of these for entertainment areas can range from small and informal dimensions to large formal terraces.

Important Considerations When Selecting Patio Pavers

When choosing your patio paver’s material, it is important to take the following factors into consideration:
  • Choose either a traditional or contemporary style of paving to match the style of your home. Also take into account the cost and the funds needed to have them professionally installed.
  • If you are installing the pavers yourself, it is important to choose a pattern that will be ideal to suit your skill level.
  • Climatic factors can ultimately affect your pavers. Some materials are heat absorbent and reflect glare while others have a better ability to withstand the effect of hot and cold weather.

Different Paving Materials

Stone Patio Pavers: It is important to use ones that are specifically designed for patios. Stone pavers suited for outdoor living spaces are usually fired for longer periods of time and under more extreme temperatures. This helps make them more suitable for varying weather condition and also adds to their durability. They are very strong and can last a lifetime!
Stone Pavers

Brick Patio Pavers: Brick pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They can be set in a mortar bed or laid into a sand bed. Mortared ones have been prone to crack because of movement in the ground. However, brick patio pavers are strong, durable, cost effective and easy to install. Furthermore, mortar-less ones have become one of the most popular materials in patio design today!
Brick Pavers

Concrete Patio Pavers: This type is often stronger than stamped concrete and clap pavers. The required level of maintenance is low and cleaning is never really a problem. If ever in need of repair, these pavers can be easily removed and replaced with little or no fuss. Finally, they are also available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

Concrete Pavers