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DE, Delaware

The Historical Use of Pavers in Delaware….

Originally in the state of Delaware roads were simply ruts that has been carved into the ground by the horse and wagons that traveled on them for so long. Traveling on these roads was brutal at the best of times, and when there was a little harsh weather it became almost impossible to do. As the farming industry grew so did the need for better roads so as the farmers could travel into town regularly.
Historical Brick Pavers

So, the first type of paving method was when they laid planks of timber across the roads, otherwise known as “plank roads”. This was the first type of road covering used in colonial times. This did not last long, for the planks were very harmful for horses and their hooves.

Then came along “crushed stone’, which was used as a road paving material. This also did not last that long for it proved to be unstable in wet weather. Then in the 1800’s the need for stable roads brought about the “cobblestone” pavers. These paving stones were made using traditional bricks. These bricks made beautiful looking paved roads that were also sturdy and durable.

Today Delaware has long gone passed the days of brick cobblestone paving. But there are parts of Delaware where the 200 year old brick cobble pavers are being preserved for their historical appeal. Original paving stones are generally cleaned up and restored to their original condition.

About Delaware, DE...

Delaware is known to many as the first state of the 13 states which make up the United States constitution. The location of Delaware is on the western shore line of the Delaware Bay and river. Delaware has a major city that is known as Wilmington. The states main capital city is Dover.

Flag of Delaware

Delaware ’s main feature is that it is situated on level ground known as plains. The northern part of this state is found to have many slopes and hills.

Delaware is known as a costal state. There are many outstanding beaches that are featured along the coasts of Delaware. The ever changing weather affects are determined by the ocean throughout Delaware. There are also 2 main lagoon type bays that are situated in Delaware called; Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay. These 2 magnificent bays are featured along the coast of Delaware Bay. They are the largest bays seen in Delaware.

A historical feature of Delaware is the enormous amount of bridges there is featured throughout this state. There are 1,450 bridges which most were built way before the 1950’s. A ferry services can help get you around Delaware, which is a great advantage as you see most of this state by water.

For more information go to The official website for the state of Delaware

Cities of Delaware

Bethany Beach

Delaware City


Dewey Beach


Fenwick Island







New Castle


Ocean View

Rehoboth Beach



South Bethany