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FL, Florida

Hermann Bach Paving Stones Completes Major Interlocking Paver Project at the Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center underwent a huge project that involved the installation of over 65,000 square feet of pavers. The Hermann Bach Paving Stones company supplied the pavers in a variety of shapes and colors which were used to pave the front entrance area to t he center.
Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Hermann Bach Paving Stones has a large range of products for residential and commercial projects. These include;

  • Interlocking Pavers
  • Cultures Stone
  • Retaining Wall Systems
  • Bullnose Coping
  • Specialty Tiles

Seminole Hardrock Casino , Florida...

Seminole Hardrock Casino

This casino is located on tribal land in Hollywood, Florida. Over $16 million was spent on restoring the road to the casino by the Seminole Tribe, this included 18,000 square feet of paving stones being laid.

The patterns that were chosen for the pavers to be installed in reflected the traditions and culture of the tribe. The project utilized 8” * 8” paving stones in the traditional colors of red, black, yellow, white, terra cotta and blue. These pavers make a stunning statement and there is know excuse for getting lost on the way to Florida's Hardrock Casino.

Plank Roads of Northern Florida...

The first paved roads were the ones created in Egypt for the hauling of the large stones being used to build the pyramids. Some of the other first roads can be seen in Rome and other parts of Europe, where they are still being used even today.

In America there were more roads than the Spaniards expected, these were of course trails made by the Indians. Some of these roads or trails were so wide that the whole Spanish Army to march from side of Florida to another.

In Florida the paths or roads from the early days were rarely paved using stones. During this early period logs, sand and clay would have been far more often than stones for paving roads.

When using Pavers you need to have some kind of base material such as sand or gravel. For paving stones that were laid directly onto Florida soil would invariably sink into the ground. This was the reason why the state of Florida had to use another type of material in the early times. This material was logs and later on planks of timber.The plank roads gave the horses a much smoother riding surface

About Florida, FL...

The location of Florida is the southern side of United States which is situated between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Straits of Florida. The USS Florida was named in honor to the state of Florida.

Florida meaning Easter Season in Spanish was named by a Spanish navigator Juan Ponce de Leon . The nickname that has been given to this state at present is the Sunshine State. The climate in Florida is subtropical depending on the approximately to water.

Flag of Florida

This state is well known for its dramatic change in weather conditions experiencing thunderstorms, lightening and wild winds that could all happen in one day from morning to night fall. Hurricane Andrew struck Florida on the 24 th of August in 1992 with devastating damages to the state which cost the USA 25billion dollars to rebuild.

Inner Florida {25 miles from the coast line} is relatively flat surface. In the town of Clearwater there are high vistas which rise fifty to a hundred feet above sea level. There are also beautiful rolling hills and homes that are built 100feet to 250 feet that are elevated for the scenic beauty.

For more information go to The official website for the state of Florida

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