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ME, Maine

The Production of Granite Paving Stones in Maine….

From about 1876 to 1911 the quarry industry in the State of Maine was of considerable magnitude. This however decreased by about 50% over the last ten years or so. There was a high demand for quarried stone and this Maine granite was shipped to cities all over the US in the early days.

Map Showing the Distribution of Granite and Related Rocks in Maine - 1922

The main use for the Maine granite was for bridges, piers, buttresses and many kinds of heavy masonry, and also used for public buildings and residential properties. In 1921 this granite was largely used and cut into Paving Stones. The amount of stone cut into paving stones was more than twice as much as all other stone that was quarried.

Granite Paving Stones Between 1911 and 1921 the percentage of paving blocks produced from the quarried granite rose by more than 3%. Even today the stone is more widely used for paving blocks, though there are so many more paving materials on the market. Using natural stone such as granite for buildings, curbing and monumental stone has declined due to the availability of other less expensive concrete products.

Economic Factors in Granite Quarrying….

Maine has a large granite quarrying industry but there are many factors that go into the success of a granite quarry.

1. The composition and texture of the stone, and its physical features.

2. The structural features of the stone, which is the grain, rift, compressive strain and the flow structure.

3. It is also an important economic consideration as to how many paving stones can be made in a single day. In Maine the average amount of granite paving stones made each day by one worker is between 80 and 100.

Maine is one of the chief producers of granite paving stones!

About Maine, ME...

The name that was given to the state of Maine was more than likely named after the French province of Maine. Another theory is the people that lived on the islands along the coastal line would refer as going to the mainland as going over to the Main.

Flag of Maine

On the 15th of March in 1820 Maine became the 23 rd state in USA along with the state of Missouri. The capital city since 1832 is Augusta but before that the capital city was Portland.

There is such beauty in this state as 90 percent of Maine’s land is forests. There are also many spectacular sandy beaches, sparkling rivers, lakes, fishing villages and lighthouses. Maine is a very popular state to tourists from all over the world due to the sweeping mountains and scenic oceans.

This state also has the second most visited national park in the USA by visitors and travelers world wide. The name of this national park is called Acadia National Park.

For more information go to The official website for the state of Maine

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Presque Isle



South Portland