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NH, New Hampshire

New Hampshire, The Granite State...

New Hampshire has always been known as the Granite State of the USA. Granite is the most important mineral for the state and is mostly quarried in the southern part of New Hampshire and mainly in the area of Lake Winnepesaukee near Concord, Merrimac County. Granite was so important for the architectural development of the state of New Hampshire.

Granite Quarry

Just to display the magnitude of the granite industry in New Hampshire, in 1908 in Concord alone there were 8 fully operated granite quarries. The granite quarried here was actually used for the building of the outer walls of the Library of Congress in Washington DC.

Concord granite is blue-gray colored granite with mica plates which gives the stone a polished finish. It is such a durable stone that not only was it used for building walls, but it was also a very popular material for paving stones. In 1908 if you just took the whole production of one of the eight granite quarries in Concord, that would have only just covered the demand for granite paving stones in that era.

Granite Paving Stones The Milford quarries also specialized in granite with over 20 fully operating quarries in 1908. Their granite was fine and mostly even-grained with a large proportion of soda-lime feldspar. The colors ranged from gray to pink, blue and buff, always marked with a dash of black mica. This granite was either used for monuments if it was the finer variety or for construction of railway bridges and paving stones if it was a coarser variety.

The use of New Hampshire granite dates back as far as 1623. Between 1887 and 1902 the value of granite quarried in New Hampshire rose from $195,000 to &1,147,097. This increase was mainly due to the value of building stones rose because of the increase in demand and the increase in the development of the city buildings, roads, pavements and walkways.

In 1902 granite was being used for three main applications; as building stone, as a monumental stone and as a paving stone. That year the state of New Hampshire made $101,548 worth of granite paving stones sales. This is quite a large sum when you consider the time period and the fact that this was just one state in the US. Paving stones were the number one choice material for the covering of roads, sidewalks, pavements and walkways.

About New Hampshire, NH...

New Hampshire is nicknamed “The granite state” this is because of the many granite quarries which are featured throughout this state. This states motto is Live free or die. Purple lilac is New Hampshire’s national flower. The purple finch is the states national bird and the American whit birch is this states national tree.

Flag of New Hampshire

Hurricane forced winds are expected in New Hampshire every couple of days the reason for this is still today is unknown. New Hampshire also has recorded the highest winds ever on record. But on a brighter note New Hampshire’s main beach to visit during the summer time is called Hampton Beach. It is very popular among tourists.

New Hampshire is home too one of the worlds famous landmarks which is Mount Monadnock. Many major rivers flow through New Hampshire but the well known river which is the largest throughout New Hampshire is Lake Winnipesauke which is 72 square miles long.

New Hampshire offers many features such as skiing and snow boarding along with many other winter sports. People travel from all over to visit its ski regions. New Hampshire is also home to international speedways. The Loudon Classic Motorcycle race is also home to New Hampshire.

For more information go to The official web site for the state of New Hampshire

Cities of New Hampshire