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NM, New Mexico

Paving and Development in the Township of Hobbs, New Mexico....

The township of Hobbs in New Mexico has a long history and a great story of the development of the town. Hobbs underwent many architectural developments such as the construction of buildings and roads. Two of the main companies which participated in the development of this township were the Hobbs Townsite Company and the Texas & New Mexico Railroad.
Street Paving

These companies along with many other saw the construction of Clinton Park, the New Mexico Library and several Hospitals. The first record of a paving project in the town of Hobbs was in 1931, where three blocks of West Taylor Street was paved at a cost of about $4,000. Not a bad price when you consider the time and the value of money back then.

One of the ways in which new business and construction was encouraged in New Mexico was through the donations of land to charity organizations such as The Salvation Army, so that they could build hospitals. Also by offering very low rent in the township of Hobbs, this persuaded many oil well companies to open up their headquarters in Hobbs, and hence growing the economic outlet that Hobbs soon became.

Original Paving After the Depression, in the late 1930’s, Hobbs came back with a vengeance. The rate of construction picked up again, with several buildings being erected around this period. There was the building of a high school, a Baptist Church and a Hotel; the town of Hobbs also submitted a project for a sewer system estimated at over $150,000. The amount and frequency of paving projects around the town increased significantly after the Depression.

Paving projects were also very important to the town, for there were blocks and blocks of streets being paved in the late 1930’s. These street paving projects were being funded by direct assessment for the betterment of the streets, pavements and sidewalks.

Records show that between 1939 and 1940 the township of Hobbs completed over 150 blocks of street paving. With the paving of these 150 blocks, the WPA also constructed street drainage, sidewalks and curbs to accompany the newly paved streets. The concentration of paving was so that overall there was better transportation in and out of the town of Hobbs, New Mexico. The highway between Carlsbad and Hobbs, which is called U.S. Highway 180, was also hard paved so that the commute to the town was much more pleasant of an experience.

About New Mexico, NM...

New Mexico is a southwestern state of America. It was mainly occupied by the Native American and still is strongly today. It is a state with the highest percentage of people who are of Hispanic descent. This states most recent migrants are of Spanish descent.

Flag of New Mexico

Spanish, Mexican and American Indian are all culture that New Mexico follows. The government protects majority of land site throughout New Mexico because of their beauties and natural qualities.

New Mexico offers many unique features and tourist attractions. Carlsbad Caverns National Park is a major feature and tourist destination; people travel from all over to view this historical site. White sands National Monument, Aztec Ruins National Monument and Capelin Volcano National Monument are 3 other famous tourists’ destinations.

New Mexico is known for its snow capped peaks, and rose deserts covered with cacti and sage brush. It’s also known for their many casinos which visiting tourists always come and see.

For more information go to The official website for the state of New Mexico

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