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RI, Rhode Island

Paving Standards for Rhode Island University ...

The University of Rhode Island has set out some guidelines as to the design standards for any new landscaping or paving projects on the grounds of the campus.

The reason for these guidelines is so that there is a constant visual unity among all the features of the campus buildings, paving and landscaping. The University would like to enhance and maintain the visual appeal of the campus through the establishment of a ordering of the passable paving materials, landscaping and lighting, signage and landscape furnishings.
Paved Areas

Therefore, a palette of standard paving materials for use in different areas of the campus have been set out to simplify any new constructions and all maintenance techniques and repairs.

Primary Sidewalks: these sidewalks include any which support traffic by pedestrians and the occasional vehicle; they should be constructed using cast-in-place concrete. These sidewalks should be design for vehicle use so they will be a minimum of six feet wide.

Secondary Sidewalks: these sidewalks include any which support very minimal pedestrian traffic and where vehicles are not permitted. These sidewalks should be constructed out of bituminous concrete and should be a minimum of 4 feet wide.

Specialty Sidewalks: these sidewalks include those that can be used to decorate a space or to divide an area up into spaces for different uses. Here is a list of some of the cases where a specialty pavement is required:

  • To control pedestrian traffic
  • To delineate building entrances
  • Create memorial areas
  • Provide porous pavement for plant material that accommodates pedestrians
  • Protect difficult landscaped areas

In any of these cases it is still required that the specialty pavement relate and enhance the surrounding environment and architecture.

Let us now discuss the various types of pacing materials that have been approved for different areas of the campus grounds:

  • Clay brick pavers should be used for high-priority landscaped areas and when the adjacent building is a brick building.
  • Granite cobble pavers are to be used for path intersections, entries to buildings, to surround sculptures and trees, or simply for accents to other pavements.
  • Precast concrete pavers can be used when the funds for a projects are low
  • Red precast concrete pavers are not to be used adjacent to a red brick building

It is the vision of the University that if all of these standards are adhered to, then the Rhode island campus will be uniformly visually appealing.

About Rhode Island, RI ...

Rhode Island is known to be the smallest state of America. With its nickname called The Ocean State, you can reach the sea within a 30 miles radius from anywhere you are in Rhode Island. Rhode Islands abbreviation is RI.

Flag of Rhode Island

Rhode Island is composed of a very flat surface. Its highest point in the state stands at 812 feet above sea level which is Jerimoth Hill. 30 other islands surround Rhode Island and the largest of them being Aquidnecde Island.

Rhode Islands economical values are materials such as; vegetables, dairy, Fashion Jewelry metals and machinery. There are also many famous mansions featured throughout Rhode Island one that is well known is the Breakers which is found in a town called Newport.

There are not many special features of Rhode Island except for the main attraction that on looking travelers enjoy by the roadside. The famous Nibbles Woodaway, the big blue bug which is the worlds largest termite it is a landmark and a must see when traveling through Rhode Island. It is lit up with the sky during the holiday season.

For more information go to The official website for the state of Rhode Island

Cities of Rhode Island


Central Falls

Coventry Town


Cumberland Town

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