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WA, Washington

Paving the Sidewalks of Washington ...

Capitol Hill, Washington displays a history that denotes a lack of paved streets. In one account of nineteenth century Washington, it tells of the muddy streets with water-filled pot holes. Although today, if you take a look around Capitol Hill in Washington you will notice that there is a never ending amount of new paving projects and also an abundant amount of re-paving going on.

Brick Sidewalks

Every where you look there are old brick pavers being replaced with new brick pavers, concrete slabs being replaced with brick pavers and basically the replacement of any old paving with new paving. There seems to be a brick sidewalk craze happening in Washington’s Capitol Hill.

The sidewalks of Washington are being dominated by the installation of brick pavers. The reason for this is that brick pavers are so readily available and with their classical charm, add to the historical feel of Washington's landscape and architecture. Brick pavers are so versatile and will last a lifetime for they are such a durable paving stone. so, it makes sense that the state of Washington has chosen to pave most of their sidewalks with brick pavers.

Brick Sidewalk Brick pavers are easily repaired, for they can simply be replaced with new pavers, unlike concrete slabs that need to be completely replaced when cracking occurs. Brick pavers are made from clay and are fired in kilns at extremely high temperatures, this is what makes them such a durable paving material. You know that they will be resistant to all kinds of extreme weather conditions and are strong enough to bear heavy loads.

Many States in the US are returning to the brick pave, which was the most commonly used paving stone in the early 1900's. It was the number one choice when paving city streets and sidewalks all began. The brick paving industry did suffer a slump after the Depression, when other materials entered the market. But brick pavers have definitely made their comeback, particularly in Washington.

About Washington, WA ...

Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. George Washington was the first president of the United States and in his honor Washington State was named after him. The capital state of Washington is Olympia and Seattle is the largest city.

Flag of Washington State

Washington State can often be mistaken as Washington DC. Therefore to distinguish one from another, Washington DC which is the Nation Capital is called DC and the state is called Washington State.

In the year 2000 a census was conducted and the population in the state was approximately 5.9 million residents. As for the workforce, there was 3.1 million employed. The people that reside in Washington are called Washingtonians.

To the west of the Pacific Ocean is where Washington is bounded. To the south is Oregon { Columbia River} to form the states border. Idaho is in the east of the state and in the north is British Columbia better known as Canada. In the eastern side of the state there are two regions that can be divided, firstly Okanogan Highlands and secondly Columbia River Basin.

In the United States Navy, there are three ships that have been named USS Washington to honor this historical state and its importance to the United States. Washington has four out of the five longest floating bridges in the world.

In the east of the Cascade Range lies flat semi- desert land which stretches for miles without one single tree or shrubs to be seen.

For more information go to The official website for the state of Washington

Cities of Washington State








Walla Walla