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Ancient Paving Stones Discovered in West Virginia ...

Not many people may know, but at Bens Run, Tyler County in West Virginia, ancient ruins have been uncovered, and these are said to be the most extensive works of ancient times in the whole of the United States.

For the purpose of this article we will discuss the findings relating to stone paving sites. On Mr. John Bolton’s farm, this is located about a half mile from the Ohio River, a large stone paved platform was discovered. The stone paving is approximately 100 feet in length and thirty feet wide. The paving is laid in the shape of a roof that is sloping upwards with a flat strip about eight feet wide running lengthwise.
Ancient Paving Stones

The exact same stone paving was discovered across the river in Ohio, it was almost a mirror image of the paving found on the Bolton farm in West Virginia. It is thought that it may have been a road or something, but it seems that the pavers from both sites have been laid on their edges and very close together.

Ancient Paving Stones It is said that these platforms of stone paving were used for religious ceremonies and perhaps even for the sacrifice of human beings. Whatever the real story is, they are an amazing discovery which goes to show the very long history of paving stones and the many different things they could have been used for in ancient times other than for street sidewalks and roads.

Mr. Bolton told one of the researchers that in 1878 two explorers did try to dig through the stone paving on his farm. He said that they did remove some stone from the center of the platform, making a hole about six feet in diameter and nine feet in depth. Once they got this far the stones beneath them began to sound hollow, like a drum, so they stopped at once for they feared that the bottom was about to fall out and that they would go down with it. They filled up the hole with loose paving stones, and the filled hole is still in the same condition as it was over 120 years ago.

About West Virginia, WV ...

West Virginia is known as the “ Mountain State” of the USA. Originally part of Virginia, West Virginia was admitted as a separate state, during the American Civil War, on the 20th of June 1863. There are several US Navy ships named after and in honor of this state.

Flag of West Virginia

WV is well known for its many tourist attractions, including; New River Gorge Bridge, The Green Bank Telescope, The National Radio Astronomy Observatory and many national and state parks.

The reason it was labeled the “ Mountain State” is because nearly all areas are considered to be “mountainous” areas. This state is made up of native vegetation of hardwood forest, oak, chestnut, beech, white pine, willow and maple. The landscape is rich in bio diversity and aesthetic beauty, this being the reason why West Virginians call this state “almost heaven”.

During the Pennsylvanian and Mississippian eras the sea levels rose and lowered quite often, resulting in a wide variety of rock formations. The most common found rick strata in WV is sandstones, limestone's, shale's and bituminous coal beds.

For more information go to The official website for the state of West Virginia

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