Paving Stones Advantages

The Many Benefits of Using Paving Stones

Strength and Durability

The strength and durability of Paving stones are the reasons why they were used in Ancient Rome, and they are the same reason why they are still used today.

They can withstand the harshest of weather conditions and still manage to maintain their natural beauty.

Easy to Install

The homeowner can easily install paving stones. There is no need for mortar setting as many varieties of paving stones can be laid using a mortar-less method. This is done by laying the stones on a sand bed then filling the joints with sand.

They can be laid over existing pavers, or even added onto an existing section of paving stones. Color, size and shape can be easily matched.

Paving stones are easy to install.

Not only are they easy to install but they are also repaired just as easily. All you need to do is replace old pavers with new ones and re-set them in the sand bed, then sweep sand over the paved area to fill the joints.

Aesthetic Appeal

Paving stones will bring a certain beauty and elegance to your property. The design opportunities possible with them are limitless. There is a large range of shapes, patterns, colors and sizes of pavers available on the market today.

Whatever outdoor applications you may have, there is a paving stone suitable for it. Whether you choose sandstone, limestone, concrete or granite, each paving stone has its own distinct features and qualities.