Asphalt Paving



Asphalt paving is most commonly seen on roads, highways and public areas. It is used because of its superior durability, strength and long lasting attributes. It is an inexpensive material, which is buying loads of interest with homeowners. Homeowners have the option of using asphalt paving for applications such as driveways, walkways and in high traffic areas around the home. It is inexpensive and has a fast drying characteristic that is beneficial for quick and emergency jobs or repairs.


Asphalt itself consists of materials such as crude oil, petroleum, sand, bitumen and fillers. All materials bind together to form a smooth or rough consistency that is very similar to the consistency of poured concrete. It is normally produced in dark shade of black but can also be manufactured in different colors and tones depending on the application and requirements of the job.

Cost Effectiveness

Asphalt Paving Asphalt is one of the lowest costing paving materials on the market today. It is very low in cost because of the materials used to produce it. Choosing to use this paving material is the perfect option if you want to save money. However, it is wise to keep in mind the overall appearance of the asphalt will be different compared to natural stone pavers as asphalt is one large slab and patterns and colors are limited. It is also a material that can be used practically straight after installation because of its quick drying attributes.

It is very inexpensive that's why it is used on major roads and highways. Its durability is obvious for homeowners because of the constant traffic passing over the roads every second of the day. Asphalt paving can withstand heavy loads and the ideal choice for areas of high traffic.

Asphalt Paving Maintenance and Repairs

Asphalt is generally a high maintenance material because it is flexible. Its flexibility can sometimes cause cracks or potholes, which then need to be repaired. One of the benefits of it is the ease of repair when damaged. All that is needed is a simple hot mix of asphalt to be poured straight onto the problem area and left to dry and used immediately. The repairs of major highways and roads that are asphalt are done in this way and traffic is never held up for long lengths of time because of the fast drying material.

Asphalt can be sealed using specially formulated sealers that work to completely bind it together and it also functions as a protective coating. This type of sealer will need to be applied on a regular basis to ensure that the paving is always protected.


Modern Asphalt Paving

Colors The coloring of asphalt has always been a dark blackish gray tone, and very plain in pattern. Nowadays, a process is done very similar to stamping. It can help to transform the pavement into a stylish and tasteful design with the addition of some nice tones of color. This gives homeowners great opportunity to blend and create their very own design using the asphalt as their preferred material. These colors and designs are high maintenance as fading color is common especially in high traffic areas or high vehicular traffic areas.

Color tones range from oranges, reds, brown tones, earth tones, natural tones and green tones. Generally they are not done in one full color but several colors can be blended into the asphalt mix to create a stylish yet practical design. Color pigments and dyes are added into the asphalt mix to create the color to be laid. It is important to seek professional advice on using colored asphalt for your application.