Paving Contractors


Why Hire A Paving Contractor?

Paving Installation

Paver installation is an achievable project that many home owners choose to take on themselves. In most cases that's great, but there are those home owners who don't have the time and there are those who would not know where to start. There are also those who only want the best. That's why they prefer to hire a paving contractor or paving professional. There are so many benefits as to why you should hire a paving contractor to take charge of installing pavers on your property. The main benefit is you know the job will be done properly the first time by a team of highly qualified tradesmen that have many years experience in this specific trade.

The Job Description of Paving Contractors

You have two choices when choosing a paving contractor, the first choice is you can hire a contractor that works for a landscaping company or you can hire a self employed paving contractor, they both have important roles. The job description of a contractor that is employed by a landscaping company includes the following:

  • He will write a quote for the project, once the job has been discussed and agreed on.

  • He will organize the completion of surveys if required.

  • He will coordinate and supervise a team of professionals for the project.

  • He will ensure his team has all the correct equipment onsite.

  • He will make sure all safety measures are carried out properly by his team and minimize disruption for  the homeowner if it applies.

  • He will keep the homeowner informed of the project progress and provide timelines

  • If the homeowner is not satisfied with anything during the paving installation, he is the person to speak to.

  • He is also in charge of the accounts payable.

Prearing Base

Laying Pavers

For the self-employed contractors he basically plays exactly the same role as hiring a company but he actually installs the pavers himself with his crew.

Choosing A Paving Contractor

There a few valuable considerations that you need to investigate before choosing a company or a paving contractor before you agree to give them the work, the following is a good guideline that you can consider:

  • Always get three written quotes from various contractors, remember the cheapest quote is not always the best unless they do have a good reputation in your area by you doing a bit of investigation and checking their work from previous projects
  • Make sure the quote includes all the material costs and labor costs in clear writing, so there are no disputes when the account needs to be finalized
  • You should ask the contractor if he or his company has had any paving projects in your local area so you can look at the quality of work they have performed
  • Investigate and see if he or they have a good reputation in their profession, use your own instincts and judgment
  • Ask for references or a portfolio of recent projects
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with the chosen paving contractor
  • Make sure they have a registered company and a building license. Ask to see the relevant paperwork
  • Make sure they are insured. Ask to see relevant paperwork
  • Do not pay the final payment until you are fully satisfied with the project completion



Paved Walkway

So if you are thinking of adding paving on your property that is functional but also enhances your property tastefully for the decorative purposes and can afford to hire a paving contractor, it's feasible to do so, as their will be no frustrations, no headaches. Leave it to the professionals.