Paving Slabs



Paving slabs are commonly referred to as pavement. They are a very popular application choice around landscaped areas on residential properties. They are very flexible pavements that can be applied to the smallest or largest area around your home. Paving is a very beneficial application because of the endless color, size and shape choices as well as the endless material choice. Paving slabs are very popular on commercial properties because they offer that extra spark to the outdoors and create a stylish and unique appearance.

Paving Slabs

One of the keys to having a successfully laid paving slab is to have the ground excavated slightly sloped away from the home to ensure that the slab creates its own run off when it is in contact with water. There are many important considerations when building a paving slab so it may be wise for homeowners to hire an experienced professional rather than doing it themselves.

Paving Slab Benefits

Paving Slab There are many reasons why these are a popular choice amongst homeowners. First is the unlimited design and pattern option that allows homeowners to be as creative as they please. Paving slabs are also very durable and strong which is beneficial because it means that they will last for many years. The choice of color is also endless which allows us to choose different shades of materials to suit and compliment the surroundings of our homes. They can also be installed in very little time and they are very economical.

Paving Slab Materials

There are a wide variety of materials that can be used as paving slabs for residential and commercial properties. Each material offers advantages and disadvantages so it is up to the homeowners to decide. If the home already has a common material throughout, then it may be wise to use the same material to achieve continuity. Here is a list of the most commonly used materials for paving slabs:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Clay
  • Acrylic
  • Natural Stone
Paving Slab

Concrete paving slabs are also known as concrete slabs. They are different than standard paving slabs because the concrete is poured and the application is one single unit instead of individual units. It is a great choice for large areas. They are very low in cost. It can be stamped or stenciled to appear as paving for a stylish and tasteful finish. Acrylic slabs are also laid as a single unit but this material is very delicate and should only be used in smaller areas, this is a fairly new application. Clay pavers, stone pavers and natural stone pavers can all be used individually to create a paving slab. There is a huge range of paints which are acrylic based which can be used intensify the coloring of the paving slab itself.

Solid Paving Slabs

Paving Slab Paver companies manufacture solid paving slabs. They consist of a square meter of material replicating pavements. Homeowners can choose to purchase individual slabs of pavers or by the square meter or the size offered by the manufacturer. These solid slabs make the laying process and installation very fast and effective. This type of material is generally found in concrete, clay or stone. Natural stones are quarried stones and they are very delicate therefore they are sold as individual units, where as concrete is poured into moulds which can be of any particular size.

If homeowners opt for the solid paving slabs, the manufacturer generally delivers it and a professional is required to install them. This type of application is generally done on larger scale applications such as car parks, airports, walkways and highways.