A Wide Variety of Paving Stone Choices

Some Types of Paving Stones


Limestone consists of mineral calcite, which is primarily calcium carbonate. It is a natural quarried stone, or a sedimentary rock. Limestone is a layer of hard sediment, containing fossils from the ocean.

Limestone Paving Stones Limestone is also used as a paving stone in the building and landscaping industries. It can be applied to patios, courtyards and walkways. It is a reliable and durable material for the outdoors. Limestone can also be used for indoor projects such as vanities and tabletops. Limestone is a natural, beautiful and versatile stone.


Sandstone is the product of extensive erosion. This sedimentary rock is formed through the buildup of eroded quartz and feldspar particles, which over time forms a solid mass.

Sandstone is a popular paving stone, due to its uniform, soft and easy to work with texture. It is often applied to verandas and courtyards, and creates an elegant appeal. Sandstone paver stones are also great for use in veneering and cladding homes.


Bluestone is 'feldspathic' sandstone. It is a natural stone, consisting of quartz and sand particles. Bluestone is simply blue-grey sandstone that has been quarried in the USA for decades.

Bluestone is widely used as a paving stone for various landscaping applications, such as patios, driveways and walkways. It is also used in the building industry for cladding, walls and veneering.


Slate is a thin sheet of metasedimentary rock, which has been split so it can be used for roofing and paving. Slate is also widely used for tiling, veneering and as building blocks.

Different Colors for Slate Paving Stones


Granite is a natural quarried stone. It is a very popular paving stone used in the landscaping, building and commercial fields.

Technological advancement in Granite production has made it more accessible for domestic applications. In the past it has been too expensive but with new processing technologies, the reduction in cost has been substantial.

Granite has a reputation for being very strong and durable. These facts make granite a wise choice for your patios, decks and courtyards.


Concrete is a manufactured type of paving stone. It is manufactured in high volumes using automated facilities, making it a very cost efficient paver material.

Concrete Paving Stones Concrete is available in many colors. The use of pigment dyes makes it possible to obtain any color you desire. This offers you an opportunity to create individual designs. You can also have your concrete stamped or stenciled.

Concrete paving stones are widely used for driveways, sidewalks, walkways and retaining walls, just to name a few! It is a very durable paving material.