Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Pavers


Q: What type of sealer should I choose to seal my pool pavement area?

A: Choosing the right sealer all depends on which type of texture and finish you would like to achieve. There are three main types of sealers. Some will enhance and bring out the colors in your pool pavement. Some will create a glossy finish, and others will prevent stains and mark from occurring.
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Q: Are their benefits of sealing my pool pavement area?

A: Yes! The benefits of sealing your pool pavers cannot be underestimated. Doing this will intensify the colors and help you manage the everyday stains that may occur. This will ensure you can enjoy your pool for years without the need for constant repair and maintenance.

Q: Should I use a sealer on my paved pool deck?

A:There are certain types of sealers that are specially formulated to suit paved pool decks. General ones will attract heat. This will be highly uncomfortable for bare feet entering the pool. Seek your manufactures advice before choosing a sealer for your pool deck.

Q: If my pool pavers become damaged how do I fix this problem and reapply a sealer?

Cracked Pavers A:This problem occurs naturally. Concrete pool pavers can sometimes crack over time. Natural stone pavers may chip at the sides and brick may also crack and chip. This is easily fixed by simply removing the affected pavers and replacing them with new ones. You can then reapply a sealer just on the new pavers. This will help ensure you that the colors will match the other ones. However, initially, there may be a slight difference in color.

Q: How regularly should I thoroughly clean my pool pavement area?

A: Cleaning should occur at least once a month with a high pressured hose. This will ensure the management of efflorescence and other common problem that occur with pavers.


Q: What should I do on a daily or weekly basis to maintain and clean my pavers?

Sweep Pavers A: This is quite simple. All that may be needed is a simple sweep over, using a broom. The broom will remove unwanted dirt that may cause stains. You can also remove any mosses and weeds that can grow in-between the joints of the pavers as they may cause the pavers to lift out of theirpositions.

Q: What benefits will I get out of cleaning and sealing my pool pavement area?

A: Regular cleaning and sealing will keep your pavers look just as they were when you first purchased them. They will maintain their beautiful look and their enhancing colors will intensify if sealed regularly.

Q: After the installation of my pool pavers when is the best time to apply a sealer?

A: : The best time to apply a sealer will depend on the type of paver used for installation. Concrete, brick and stone are the three main materials used in pool pavement areas. Generally they are periodically sealed 30 to 60 days after installation. This is because some pavers need to breathe and expand with the affects of water, air and wind. Normally they settle after approximately 30 days. This is the best time to apply a sealer.

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Q: What do I do before sealing?

A:It is recommended to use a cleaning agent before sealing your pool pavement. This is to ensure that all dust, dirt, grime, and mess are removed before sealing; otherwise their affects will be seen forever.