Porphyry Stone Pavers Benefits

Porphyry Stone Pavers Brief History

Porphyry pavers have been used in Europe for many centuries, since the Ancient Roman Empire. Presently in the United States, their popularity is growing steadily as architects and town planners are using porphyry pavers for commercial and municipal pavements throughout the United States.


The most distinguishing benefits of porphyry pavers are their inherent strength and durability to withstand long term climatic forces. Some of the many unique benefits of porphyry pavers include:

  • Resistance to long term weathering, preventing fading of pavers
  • Slip resistance makes it safe for community applications
  • Chipping and cracking prone particularly in freezing temperatures
  • One of the strongest paver materials available
  • Proven pavement applications since Ancient Romans era
  • Strong resistance to chemical agents and salts
  • Natural beauty and design flexibility

Porphyry Stone Pavers


The predominant color of porphyry is purple, red or green. Other colors can be found in gray, ochre and rusty tones. Famous for their rich and warm earthy tones, they have a prestigious appearance when installed.


Porphyry pavers are suitable for just nearly any type of landscaping and paving uses around the home or commercial property. They are strong enough for driveway paving uses and durable enough for swimming pool pavements because they are salt water resistant and will not be subject to any form of fading or discoloration. Due to their natural texture, porphyry pavers are slip resistant, making them appropriate for use in roads in harsh winter conditions and in waterfront projects. Porphyry pavers are suitable for patios and walkways too.

Porphyry Pavers

Porphyry Installations

Porphyry Pavers have been widely used all over the world as a paving material for decades. Porphyry Pavers have the ability to create beautiful, geometric, decorative and functional pavement features. This is perhaps the reason they have been implemented as a pavement material worldwide!

Porphyry Wall

Here is a sample list containing a few examples of pavements from all over the world, where Porphyry has been applied:

Porphyry Slabs
  • Old City Center in Sydney, Australia
  • Central Square in Geddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Olympic Stadium in Munich
  • Main square in Frankfurt
  • Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles
  • Kennedy Airport in New York City
  • La Posada Hotel in Santa Fe
  • College of Santa Fe, Visual Arts Center
  • The underground and market square in Paris
  • The Hope Collection in Santa Fe
  • The Military Cemetery in Hawaii
  • The ENIT Palace in Rome
  • The Exhibition Center in Bologna

From this list, we can see that Porphyry is not only common, but it is also durable, for a lot of these examples have been around for years, and will continue to be for many years to come!