Roof Tile Comparisons and Advantages

Roof Tile Introduction | Advantages | Colors | Shapes

The Benefits of Roof Tiles

    • Air circulation is often enhanced with the use of roof tiles.
    • Roof tiles help shed solar heat in summer and insulate heat in winter.
    • They hold up against harsh weather effects, better than other materials
    • Roof tiles are fire resistant.
    • Roof tiles are available in so many colors and designs that they will compliment any house.
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Types of Materials used

There are many materials used in the manufacturing of roof tiles such as clay, concrete, slate and Spanish Tile Roof.

Clay and Spanish Tile Roof

Clay and other stone roof tiles is a natural product. They are durable and very strong. Clay is collected from reserves and baked in kilns at extremely high temperatures

Clay roof tiles are versatile and they are available in an array of shapes, sizes and textures. Clay also maintains its vibrant color for many years.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Today concrete is vast becoming the most popular material used in the production of roof tiles around the world.

Concrete roof tiles seem to be more commonly used and this is mainly due to the lower costs involved. Another reason perhaps, is that concrete is more readily available, production is high because it’s so easy to manufacture.

Slate Roof Tiles

There are three main types of variations of slate roof tiles available:

Standard’ slate tile: These tiles are of uniform shape, size and thickness. They are also laid in horizontal lines.

‘Textural’ slate tile: These roof tiles have a rougher surface; they often come in varying sizes and thicknesses. Different color shades are also used.

‘Graduate’ slate tile: These are quite similar to the ‘textural’ tiles, with more variations, particularly with size and thickness. They are often used starting with the long and thick ones on the eaves, then descend in size as the ridge is met.

Slate Roof Tile Pavers

The Benefits of Using Clay Roof Tiles

  • They are available in a variety of rich colors, which will not fade.
  • It is proven to be tough against harsh weather effects.
  • Clay roof tiles are durable and quality is guaranteed.
  • Clay roof tiles have that historic appeal.
  • They can be used for new roofs or to regenerate old ones.
Clay Roof Tile Pavers

The Benefits of Using Concrete Roof Tiles

  • Concrete is a very durable building material.
  • Concrete roof tiles are available in a large range of colors and designs.
  • They are fire resistant.
  • You can use concrete roof tiles to re-roof.
  • It can create aesthetic appeal to any home.