Roof Tile Shapes

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The two main types of Tile shapes are interlocking and overlapping designs:

Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking tiles are usually nailed to the roof. They are generally designed as a pair, where one is hooked over the other with the use of an extrusion or lip, which allow them to lock into each other.

Interlocking Tiles
Overlapping Tiles

This variety does not have the same hook or lip design as does the interlocking tile; however it does still work in pairs that do overlap each other. This is generally achieved through nailing them to the roof structure.

Overlapping Tiles

There are two main types of Tile shapes, which can be either interlocking or overlapping designs:


Pantile Roof Tile These varieties of Roof Tile shapes are that of convex or rounded shapes, otherwise described as half round or “S” shaped tiles. Pantiles are traditionally and historically the most commonly used type of shape for Residential and Commercial Roof Tiling.

The following Roof Tiles are referred to as pantiles:

  • Spanish Tile or “S” Tile
  • Mission Tiles
  • Barrel Tiles
  • Barrel Mission Tiles
  • Straight or Tapered Tiles
  • Roman Tiles

Flat Tiles

Flat Tiles These clay Roof Tiles are generally flat shingle type tiles. They can be similar to the slate roof tile, in that they are flat, plain and thin roof tiles. They can be overlapping or interlocking each other. If they are overlapping, they are nailed down to the roof sheathing, and if they are interlocking, they interlock on the sides, but also generally need to be nailed down.

The following varieties of Roof Tiles are referred to as flat tiles:

  • English Tile
  • Shingle Tile
  • Closed Shingle
  • Flat Shingle
  • Slab Shingle
  • French Tiles

Plain Tiles

Plain Tiles are generally made from clay and have been in production since the 1600’s. They are small and rectangle in shape, and are laid in an overlapping design.

Europa Tiles

Roman Tiles

Roman Tiles are flat shaped tiles with either one roll, that being”single Roman”, or with two rolls, that being”double Roman”. The tapered rolls are what give this variety a European flare.

Roman Tiles
Europa Roman Tile
This is a very distinctive shape Roof Tile, for it features a bold tapered roll on one side. This makes the Europa a very unique and stylish Roof Tile Shape.

Gaelic Tile

The Gaelic Roof Tile is very similar in shape to the Single Roman Tile, for it has a flat panel with a tapered roll on one side. The main distincti0on between the two is that the Gaelic Tile is a much smaller version of the Single Roman Tile.

Gaelic Roman Tile

Slate Roof Tiles

Pointed There are many varieties of shapes available in Slate roof Tiles. They are easily shaped because it is made from a thin sheet of natural material. Hence, all types of shapes can be created.

Here are just a few:

  • Deep Bevel: Has deep cut off corners on one side, the rest is rectangle
  • Shallow Bevel: The corners are not cut as deep as the Deep Bevel
  • Deep Scallop: On one side the corner have a half circle cut out, the rest is rectangle
  • Shallow Scallop: Same design, as the Deep Scallop except not cut as deep
  • Pointed: Rectangle tile with one side cut to a triangular point
  • Fish Scale: A rounded edge on one side, like a fish head, the rest is rectangle
  • Square: A traditional square shaped tile
Deep Scallop