Advantages of Rubber Pavers

Safety Features

Rubber paver’s most beneficial feature is the safety factor. They have superior slip resistance and shock absorption, for they are not affected by water or extreme weather conditions. This makes rubber pavers the safest alternative-flooring product for those high traffic areas, especially in nursing homes, day care centers, supermarkets and gymnasiums.

So not only are rubber pavers good for the environment, but they are also safe to use.

Playground with Rubber Pavers

Environmental Benefits of Rubber Pavers

Rubber pavers are produced through the use of recycled rubber. The rubber is material obtained from unused tires, along with a binding agent such as polyurethane.

Consider the role that recycled rubber products can play to improve our environment. In California where 34 million tires are thrown out in a single year, that’s a lot of landfill from one small section of the continent, imagine the figures for the whole world.

Therefore the production of recycled rubber to make rubber pavers, is helping to save our environment, and preserving our natural resources!

Other Benefits

Some other great benefits of rubber pavers include their durability. They are long lasting and will not crack and chip like other flooring materials.

They are also sound proof and have a relatively soft, low impact surface. This means that rubber pavers are strong yet comfortable flooring material.

The cost of purchasing them is very low and so is their maintenance. Rubber pavers are easy to clean and do not absorb bacteria, making them a hygienic choice!

Rubber Pavers are not affected by water, ice, snow or any extreme weather conditions. They are cool in summer; wont freeze in winter and snow will melt.

They perform well in both indoor and outdoor applications, for they can withstand extra heavy-duty use. Rubber Pavers are ideal for those high traffic types of applications, for they are outstanding in high traffic areas.

Rubber Pavers are practically indestructible; they will not tear and will last longer than other flooring materials, such as carpet.

They will never crack or brake, like other materials, for they are very durable and will last a lifetime.

Rubber pavers are ideal for sporting arenas, due to their flexible and soft surface. This soft, flexible surface means that when people are working out or playing sport, there is low impact on their leg joints. This is a very attractive benefit, particularly when installed in gymnasiums and indoor sporting complexes!