Maintenance Tips For Rubber Pavers


Introduction to Rubber Pavers

Rubber pavers are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. One of their most attractive features is their ability to be laid down in interlocking dog bone patterns that provide strong and virtually maintenance free applications such as horse barns, patios, walkways and playgrounds.

People choose rubber pavers because they provide great safety features. They are highly slip resistant and can be applied for various indoor and outdoor uses. For years, rubber pavers have been used in residential and commercial applications and has been laid on concrete, brick, wood or stone surfaces.

Rubber Flooring

Not only are rubber pavers easy to install, but they are virtually maintenance free. This means that there are no really time-consuming or costly routines that are needed to maintain their integrity for great rubber paved designs.

Maintaining Color

Maintaining Color

To maintain the color composition of rubber pavers, it is recommended that homeowners use a high pressure hose when washing the surface. This is the best method to use, however a simple sweep or mop is also very helpful in fulfilling this objective.

Maintenance Procedures

Proper maintenance methods are as follows:

On a daily basis: Dust mop the floor to remove grime and dirt that eats away at the finish of the pavers. Keep in mind not the use a freshly treated dust mop as this can cause a slippery surface. To avoid this, treat your mop and hang it up to dry for one day before you mop the rubber paved area.
Mopping Floor

On a weekly basis: Damp mopping of the floor once a week will help sustain the life of the finish.

Rubber Pavers

Rubber pavers require little maintenance when it comes to maintaining their color and cleanliness. The same is required to maintain its safety features, its most valuable attribute slip resistance!

With regards to damage and repair, rubber pavers can be replaced with minimal cost and fuss. Damaged pavers can be easily removed without the need for any expensive labor, machinery or tools.