Paver Sand and Base Introduction

Sand and Base Introduction

In the installation process of installing pavers, sand and base is laid once the excavation has been completed. Once you’re at the stage where you have measured and dug out the area required, the ground should be flattened out and leveled. Once this is completed, you are now at the stage where the base material is laid.

Base Considerations

The base is the foundation of your paved area, so it plays an important role. The base needs to be taken into consideration and thought out, prior to starting.

If you are laying pavers on a soft sub-base, such as clay, you will need a thicker layer of your base material. The reason for this is that the clay may not hold the base materials firmly, and may result in sinking later on. Therefore, it is recommended that you test the sub-base, and then work out how thick your base material needs to be.

Paver Base and Foundation

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