Paver Sand and Base Preparation

Preparing the Base for your Paver Installation

The area that is to be paved, and has been excavated, needs to have all plant, vegetation and soil debris cleared and removed.

Once the debris has been cleared and you have tested your sub-base, and worked out how thick your base material will be you are ready for the next step.


The next step involves using the option of geotextile. Geotextile is plastic-like threaded sheeting, which works to protect your base material and the sub-base beneath it.

Geotextile is particularly useful if your sub-base materials are either clay or soil. These materials are softer and much more permeable than sandy sub-bases.


Geotextile is also referred to as filter fabric, for it filters water around the base, instead of letting water run through the sub-base. It prevents water loosening up the sub-base soil or clay, and running into the base material. It protects the base material from being weakened by the moist sub-base. It maintains your base materials strength and durability.

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