Sandstone Pavers Applications


Introduction to Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone pavers are one of the most popular natural stones still being used in the building trade today. They are also popularly used on residential home applications.

Sandstone originates from the ocean. It is made by the erosion of quartzite sediments. Over time the quartzite sediments come together to form large boulder type rocks.

Crazy Sand Stone (India)

Sandstone pavers are very rich in color. They produce eye-catching colors and one of the natural beauties is that no two pavers will ever be the same in color. They are very natural in color so they will blend-in with your current landscaping and outdoor color schemes.


Sandstone pavers will produce an enhancing outlook wherever thy are applied.. One of their natural quality is that they look old very quickly and their finished look gets better with age. As the times goes by they become more and more elegant.


If you are choosing to use sandstone pavers for your flooring needs you’ve made the right choice. Sandstone pavers offer an elegant and classical feel to wherever they may be applied. They are also durable, hard wearing, and long lasting. Common areas which sandstone pavers are applied to around residential homes are:

  • Patios
  • Barbeque areas
  • Balconies
  • Garden paths
  • Steps

Sandstone pavers are a respectable choice for flooring needs. Due to their toughness they can withstand heavy foot traffic and many heavy ornaments like garden statues. Barbeques will not damage them either. Care should be taken if you are deciding to move statues and ornaments as they may scratch the pavers.


Driveway Pavers

Sandstone is also commonly used on residential driveways. They are heavy duty and very sturdy so vehicular traffic will not damage the magnificent effects sandstone pavers achieve.

NOTE: Is important that you consult your nearest manufacturer to seek advice on sealing products for your driveway as oil and petrol leakages may affect the finish.


Sandstone pavers are very popular around pool areas. Their relaxing colors and textures offer a peaceful serenity. They are commonly being used today for pool coping. Pool coping protects the structure of the pool from any water damage. It is known as the shell cap for the pool. Choosing to use sandstone is a great benefit because it is a long-lasting natural stone and it offers timeless beauty.

Pool Pavers

NOTE : It is also important to to seek advise from professionals when choosing the appropriate sealing agents. Saltwater will affect the texture, color and finish of sandstone.

Other Applications

Sandstone Stepping Stones Sandstone pavers can also be applied as stepping-stones to the entrance of your home or throughout your garden areas. They can also be used to produce retaining walls and garden features. Another application option is surrounding garden beds. The choice is yours. Anywhere sandstone pavers are applied will be elegant and stylish.