Sandstone Pavers Laying Patterns


Introduction to Sandstone

Sandstone is a unique and elegant natural stone. It is mainly used on residential applications such as driveways, pool areas, balconies, patios, barbeque areas, and backyard walkways and pathways. Sandstone pavers are durable, lightweight, and long-lasting. As they age, their finish just gets better and better.

If you are deciding on paving an area anywhere around your home, whether it may be your pool area, your driveway or your patio, there are many points to consider. One of the main points is deciding on what type of pattern you will lay your pavers in. There are many patterns to choose from and they all achieve outstanding looks, the choice is purely up to you.

Sanstone Pavers

Adding different colors in amongst the patterns will enhance the look of your paved area and create individual settings where you and your family can enjoy the colorful settings.


The type of pattern you will choose to lay is normally determined once you have purchased your sandstone pavers in your chosen color, size and shape. The shape and size of your sandstone pavers are important because they play a big part as to which patterns you may be able to lay.

Stretcher Running Bond

Stretcher Running Bond It is one of the most common design pattern that is used today. It is achieved by laying several rectangular pavers in lines side by side and the next layer of pavers is laid the same way. It is a flowing pattern. This pattern is highly recommended for applications like driveways, and walkways. It doesn’t contain fine detail and is not eye catching.

Herringbone Pattern

This is a classical pattern. It is achieved by using  zigzagged shaped pavers that are interlocked. One is at a 90-degree angle and the other is at a 45-degree angle and it continues on. It is a very striking pattern. With the right color pavers you will be satisfied with the classy and busy end result.        

Herringbone Pattern

Basket Weave Pattern

Basket Weave Pattern This pattern creates a busy and lively look. It is also a common pattern that is seen amongst many residential homes. It consists of two pavers parallel to each other at a 90-degree angle and the next two parallel to each other are on a 45-degree angle. To create a different look and add more character, you could choose two different colored sandstone pavers for each degree.

Interlocking Pattern

This is where individual shaped pavers are created to lock into one another. Shapes like zigzagged, octagons, irregular, and triangular are cut with grooved edges making sure they will interlock with the next paver. There are no rules as to how you would like to place your sandstone pavers. It is up to you to create your own individual style.

Combining Patterns

This is a great option for anybody deciding to use sandstone pavers for their residential property needs. Combining patterns on your driveway will create a showcase. The entrance to your home starts with your driveway, so why not show it off? You could use one pattern such as the stretcher running bond as your border. Then you could have the classy herringbone through the middle. Then an interlocking pattern can be used as a focal point throughout the middle. The choice is yours so be creative.
Pattern Combinations