Sidewalk Pavers Colors


Pavers are a popular choice to use around the outside of the home to cover sidewalks. They are most commonly used as a feature to the entrance of your home, pool area, or garden. Sidewalk Pavers are also used in recreational parks, community arenas, outside shopping centers, curbside to the road, and car parks.

Sidewalk Pavers

Sidewalk Pavers are also used to protect pedestrians, keeping them safe while walking next to a road, or through a car park.

Many man made pavers such as, clay, rubber, brick, and concrete can be used as a sidewalk. Natural stones can also be used. The benefit of using any one of these products is the wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns available. They are also made slip resistant, which is important for safety in the outdoors.

Protecting Your Sidewalk Pavers

Damaged Sidewalk Pavers

It is advisable to seal your Sidewalk Pavers after installation especially in high traffic areas to avoid any damages that can occur due to wear and tear.

Sealing your sidewalk will also protect the color from fading, due to hot sunny weather and also wet wintry days.

Selecting a Color for Your Home Sidewalk

Sidewalk Pavers add character and beauty to your home particularly when they are being used for a main entrance. It is important when choosing a color to utilize and compliment the existing color scheme of your home and surrounding gardens.

Helpful tips when selecting a color:
  • Lighter colors blend well with darker colors.
  • Green tones compliment the surround of your garden.
  • Mix and match colors for an artistic design.
  • To break up color in large areas choose 2 colors, one as a border, one as the centre.

Multiple Colors
Color Types

Brown Blend

Sidewalk Paver colors are available in a wide variety for you to select from. Your choice is endless due to the colors being created by manufacturers. The advancements in technology in color creations means you can  create a custom made color of your choice. Here are some color suggestions for your Sidewalk Pavers.

Natural Tones such as:

  • Terracotta
  • Beige
  • Caramel
  • Light brown
  • Off white
  • Rusty orange
  • Honeycomb
Natural Tones

Green Tones such as:

  • Dark green
  • Light green
  • Sage
  • Khaki
  • Aqua green
  • Apple green


Green Tones