Sidewalk Pavers Materials Selection


A sidewalk is a path that is shared by many people, bikes, and animals. They are mostly featured throughout public areas, parks, and outside shopping centers. They are also used on curbside to the roads to separate vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The homeowner can also feature a sidewalk throughout their garden, backyard, front yard, or exit in their home.


Public Sidewalks

people crossing the street

Public sidewalk may need heavy-duty pavers to withstand the heavy foot traffic that passes over it on a day-to-day basis. It needs to be a material that is easily maintained and can be replaced easily without restricting access for long periods of time since a public sidewalk may lead to their work place, shopping centre or car park.

Safety, durability, and strength are the three main factors to consider when deciding on the right material for a public sidewalk.

Residential Sidewalks

 Residential sidewalks also need heavy-duty pavers to withstand foot traffic. Although they do not receive as much attention as public sidewalks do, the same conditions apply.

Normally people will choose a paving material that looks good and will feature perfectly around their home. Safety is also one of the main requirement when choosing the right paving materials for your residential property.

Materials Selection

There are many paving materials that are being used today for sidewalk applications. Some of the main materials include:

  1. Concrete Pavers
  2. Brick Pavers
  3. Natural Stone Pavers

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are the most popular material that is being used all around the world for sidewalk applications. Concrete pavers are produced by certain types of mixtures such as cement, sand and water. Concrete can be produced in many types of shapes, sizes and colors. They are a highly versatile material and can be manufactured to specific requirements..    

Concrete Pavers

They are made to be durable, tough and long lasting. Concrete pavers are inexpensive, which is an added benefit. Concrete pavers when applied to sidewalks are easily maintained and replaced.

Brick Pavers

Brick Pavers Brick pavers offer a highly level of durability. They are the most suited material for public and residential sidewalks. Brick pavers are easily installed onto any base. They offer a non-slip top surface due to their texture. They are highly affordable for anyone who is interested in purchasing them. There are many incredible colors to choose from. The main shape of brick pavers is the rectangular shape.

Brick pavers are low in maintenance. They can easily be replaced if damaged. Engraved brick pavers can also be used in combination with other typical brick paver to achieve a unique look. Brick pavers are the perfect choice for a sidewalk application.

Natural Stone Pavers

There are many natural stones. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Sandstone
  • Flagstone
  • Slate
  • Bluestone
  • Limestone
  • Cobblestone
  • Granite
  • Cantera stone
  • Stone
Stone Pavers

All of the above natural stones are versatile, durable, and weather resistant which are the three main important factors to consider when it comes choosing the right paving material for your sidewalk. Natural stones can be sealed to ensure their protection would last and to keep their maintenance simple.

Natural Stone Pavers Natural stones can be quite expensive since they all are quarried stones that are produced by Mother Nature, which adds to their costs. Their everlasting beauty and range of eye-catching colors are enough to make you choose natural stone pavers for your sidewalk.