Advantages of Tire Rubber Pavers


Cracked poured concrete sidewalk
Replaced with rubber sidewalk pavers
Richard Valeriano, a Public Works Inspector in California, invented rubberized sidewalk pavers in 1999. The product was further developed and is now sold as Rubbersidewalks.

The idea was to prove that the flexibility of rubber, and the modularity of the
Before Installation
Rubber Pavers
pavers,  would enable tree roots systems to be non-disruptive as they are under concrete, and could be accessed for periodic trimming.

Rubberized Paver Walkway Safety
Unlike rubber playground pavers and products, which are softer, only Rubbersidewalks are firm and stable enough to be considered ‘urban worthy’. They are installed in over 90 cities in 40 states.

However softer types of rubber pavers and surfacing, as well as Rubbersidewalks, provide safety advantages for park pathways, recreational sites, and private walkways.  Rubberized pavers tend to be slip resistant, and because they are shock absorbent even if someone does take a spill they probably won’t be hurt. No injuries mean no lawsuits.

Rubber Sidewalk Pavers provide safety for pedestrians

Environmentally Friendly Pavement

Most rubber pavers are made with 100% recycled and crumbed tire rubber. This rubber comes from the millions of tires that are disposed of in the United States each year. This rubber waste would otherwise end up in landfills.

Rubber pavers are an advantage over concrete or asphalt, or gravel, in playgrounds, recreation sites, roof walkways and other applications. Most pavers require a base of concrete or other hardscape (because of their softness.)  Rubbersidewalks is installed directly on a prepared ground-scape.
Rubber Sidewalk Pavers are environmentally friendly.

Tree-Root Management under Rubbersidewalks
Rubbersidewalks are recognized for their use in tree root growth management. The pavers can be periodically lifted, roots trimmed, then replaced again. This is not possible with concrete, or any other rubber paver product.

Tire Rubber Brick Pavers
Bricks—in various shapes, colors and sizes—are now available in recycled tire rubber. These bricks are installed like standard concrete bricks, and offer similar advantages to tire rubber pavers. EZ-Bricks and other rubber brick products come in a variety of colors. 

Rubber Sidewalk Paver Installation