Sidewalk Pavers Shapes


Sidewalk Pavers are commonly used outside the home, in recreational parks, community arenas, and public facilities and even outside shopping centers. The great thing about Sidewalk Pavers is that they have a non-slip surface, therefore safe to walk on in the wet weather. This is a very important safety feature of sidewalk pavers.

Sidewalk Pavers

Around the home

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Sidewalk Pavers are generally used as walkways that allow direction to an entrance. The most commonplace sidewalk pavers are used is the entrance to your home. Why not complement the dull and boring sidewalk of your home, with exciting colors and shapes of pavers, which will enhance and give beauty to the entrance of your home? Sidewalk Pavers can also be used in your back yard to lead the pathway of the paved area to the clothesline.

Once you have decided on the area you want paved, use your imagination and be creative with the design. The opportunities are endless, with a large selection of colors, shapes and patterns available for you to choose from. When you have made the decision on the shape and color you desire for your Sidewalk Pavers, it is advisable to always purchase extra pavers just in case you may need to replace damaged pavers in years to come.

Shape Combos

Types of shapes

Regular Sidewalk Paver Shapes

Pavers are generally manufactured and processed in factories. That’s why there is a wide selection of shapes and colors to choose from. They can be cut into shape or molded into the shape you require, at the time of production.

Sidewalk Pavers are available in a wide range of shapes, patterns and colors for you to choose from.

The most popular sidewalk paver's shapes are as follows:

  • Traditional Brick
  • Cobblestone
  • Square Shape
  • Rectangle Shape
  • Circular Shape
  • Hexagon Shape

Sidewalk pavers are cut to shape or custom molded into shape in the production process, any shape you need can be catered for. Some paver shapes are designed to interlock with one another but when using sidewalk pavers, try and keep it to a simple shape e.g. traditional brick shape or rectangle shape to avoid cutting the paver. Circular shaped pavers are generally used in the centre of the design, so as to center the pattern and create a focal starting point to begin the paving process.

Two Shapes