Stamped Concrete Color Options

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Introduction to Colored Stamped Concrete

For many years’ driveways, walkways, patios, pool flooring, and boardwalks were made with concrete and were grey in color. But nowadays with the ever-changing technology there are over hundreds of different colors and patterns available to improve the look of your home.

Colors are mostly used to imitate all types of pavers. Brown colors are used to imitate such things as brick pavers. Green colors are used to help blend through with surrounding gardens. Earth colors can also be used to imitate natural stone products.

Earthy Colors

Coloring Methods

Once the concrete has been mixed, color pigments are then added blending in with the concrete to achieve color desired. Color pigments are sometimes unreliable, simply because they do not blend in well with the concrete. This in some cases causes streaking. Once the concrete has dried colored dust is then laid over to ensure that best color results are achieved.

Coloring Process

Even old grey concrete slabs can also be colored using a different technique. This involves a stencil being laid on to the concrete with the desired pattern, and color, whether it is a mimic of brown brick pavers, or colors to enhance the look of your home.

Once the pattern and colors have been chosen, colors are then sprayed using spray guns, reapplying several times to achieve the desired color. Finishing glosses are then applied to seal in the colors.

Color Accuracy

Colors are never accurate. Most of the time they mayseem lighter than what you’d expected. This is due to the mixing process. Once the colors are mixed into the concrete, the color pigments included in the concrete do not blend well during the mixing process.

So sometimes it is wise to choose a darker color to achieve the desired results. Colors will fade over time due to whether conditions such as sun damage, and also rain. Colors should also be toped up every 3 to 4 years to keep them looking fresh.

Multiple colors can also be used in the one project. Borders and outlines can be one color. Centerpieces can also be a different color. This also gives a different effect

Colored and Stamped Concrete