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Introduction to Stamped Concrete

stamped concretestamped concrete

Stamped concrete is simply concrete that has been stamped with a design or pattern. The concrete is stamped at its wet stage, which enables the stamping tool to imprint the pattern with greater ease. This process allows you to create the look of pavers, tiles, bricks and even wood, onto standard concrete floors. To obtain a complete imitation of these materials, color is also added to the stamped concrete.

There are hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from, to create a completely new driveway .It is also possible to revamp your old driveway with a whole new look.

Origins of Stamped Concrete

It all started in the 1960’s in the United States, where simple metal shapes were used to stamp the concrete. As time went by the stamping tools evolved from metals shapes into plastic stamping pads. The pads give an added appeal to the regular stamped concrete, because of has texture. This enables you to create imitations of bricks, pavers, stones etc.

The reasons why stamped concrete has become so popular can be attributed firstly to people becoming aware of the fact that you don’t have to have the old gray concrete driveways anymore. Also that there are many colors on offer and patterns to choose from, thanks to modern stamping tools .

Patterns and Designs

Stamped concrete can create patterns that simulate brick, slate, granite, cobblestone, tile, flagstone and seamless textures. It is also very common to use multiple patterns and colors at the same time, along with band work, edges and centerpieces. There are over 100 different patterns available on the market, making the design possibilities endless.

Stamped Concrete Walkway

The colors and patterns of Stamped Concrete can be blended in with other stone or tile elements that have been used. Stamped Concrete is also often blended with other decorative concrete types, such as; acid-tech staining and exposed aggregate finishes.

Most companies specializing in Stamped Concrete usually have trained professional designers to help you create your ideal project. They will be there to listen to your ideas and needs, make recommendations on color, shape, style, pattern, location, decor and any additional structures. They will then provide you with a drawing and estimate. You can have your ideas molded and custom designed to meet your individual needs!