Patterns For Stamping Concrete

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Introduction to Pattern Stamping

One of the most popular use for concrete is a process called pattern stamping. With concrete stamping, you can achieve various patterns such as making your driveway look as if brick pavers had been used. Walkways would also look as if slate had been laid. Even your existing plain grey concrete can be stamped with various patterns. The maintenance of patterned concrete is also quite simple just hose the dirt off. Unlike things such as brick pavers where shoots of grass and weeds grow between the joins.    

Stamping Patterns

Concrete is also cheaper than most materials. You can create the look of most pavers by using the stamped concrete patterns at a much lower cost.


The Pattern Process

Stamping Process

Concrete is usually poured first. The desired pattern is then placed on to the wet concrete; a range of tools is used in the process. One of the most important tools used is the texturerised mat, also known as the rubber mat. Many years ago the rubber mat looked similar to a cookie cutter, and came in all different shapes and sizes.

The rubber mats main use in the process is to imprint the concrete with the desired pattern.

Once the pattern has been imprinted onto the concrete, the mats are then removed. There are also certain products included in the concrete, so that the mats are easily removed without disturbing the patterns.

If a pattern is being added to an already existing concrete slab, a small amount of concrete is then laid on top. Mats are then placed, or grinders are used to achieve looks such as concrete pavers and cobblestone pavers. A finishing agent is then placed over the patterned concrete to help with the up keeping.

Types of Patterns

Common patterns used today usually imitate such things as brick pavers, slate pavers, concrete pavers, flagstone, cobblestone pavers and ceramic tiles. Patterns are usually chosen to compliment its surroundings. Combinations of patterns can be used, like decorative edges, borders and centerpieces.

Many colors can be added to enhance the look of your stamped concrete. Patterns and colors can also be used to resemble things like wood for boardwalks, natural stone walkways, and brick paver driveways. There are hundreds of different patterns to choose from.

Various Patterns For Stamping Concrete