Stamp Shapes For Concrete Stamping

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Introduction to Stamped Concrete

Many years ago workers used to create shapes for concrete stamping from paper cut outs. The square shape was the most common. The square shape was commonly used to imitate brick and stone pavers. Nowadays shapes are usually created in a stencil form and copied on to texurizing mats, creating all types of patterns for concrete stamping.
Stamped Concrete

By using the concrete stamping process to achieve various shapes, patterns and colors, it also becomes a very cost affective, flooring alternative. For you can create the look of various types of paver materials, through the use of stamping shapes. Pavers can be quite expensive to buy. Many are also hard to find in all types of shapes, such as the octagon shape or the hexagon shape.

The Shaping Process

The shape desired is usually chosen and printed out onto a stencil to form a pattern. Many shapes can be included in the pattern. Once the stencil is made it is then transformed on rubber mats. The rubber mats are then imprinted in the concrete to achieve shapes and pattern desired.

Types of Shapes

There are various types of shapes available today to enhance the look of your driveway, pool deck, walk ways, foot paths, and patios.

Some of the most popular shapes used today in concrete stamping are the diamond shape, octagon shape, triangular shape and rectangular shape. All of these shapes usually imprinted in concrete to mimic all types of pavers.

Rectangle Stamps

Combination of Shapes

Combining Shapes

Various shapes can be included in the same pattern, for example on your drive way, you could have the squared shape (looking similar to a paver) as your boarder. The rectangular shape (also similar to a paver) can be used throughout the driveway. Then the diamond shape can be featured as a centre piece.

All types of shapes, once put into a pattern usually blend in quite well together. Different colors can also be added to achieve outstanding results.