Stepping Stones Introduction

Stepping Stones Introduction | Installation | Colors | Patterns

What Are Stepping Stones?


Originally stepping-stones were created to protect visitors from having to walk on slippery mossy grounds. Hence, flat stepping-stones were produced and implemented to serve as a guide to visitors, while at the same time protecting the lawns and gardens.

concrete stepping stone

Alternatively, one may use regular concrete pavers or brick pavers to form a stepping stone pathway. Place a group of pavers 6 – 10 together to form a step and repeat the procedure to your desired destination within the landscaped area.



Stepping stones can create a functional walkway path for yourself and visitors. They provide a path of safe steps to take when walking through the garden or to the front door.


Stepping-stones can also be used simply for decorative purposes, or to create a unique design feature. They can break up the use of plants in the garden, and dress it up a little.

Decorative Stepping Stone

Pavers for Stepping Stones

Pavers are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and materials, so pavers provide an exciting assortment of designs for decorative stepping stone paths.

Preserving Plants

Another function of stepping-stones can be to protect your plants and gardens. Instead of people walking carelessly through the garden, with the chance of damaging the plants, the use of stepping-stones can secure your gardens.  

Decorative Stepping Stone

Soil Maintenance

Stepping-stones can also help to preserve your plants through the protection of the soil surrounding the garden beds. By people walking over and over the soil, it can become compressed, at the same time the roots of the plants will suffer. Also, the nutrients cannot penetrate through to the roots when the soil is compressed.

Therefore the use of stepping stones means that traffic will flow along the path of stones and not the actual lawns and gardens.

Materials Used For Stepping Stones

Here is a list of the range of materials used for stepping-stones:

  • Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Stones
  • Flagstone
  • Clay
  • Rubber
  • Polyresin
  • Cast Iron
Laying Stepping Stones