Stepping Stones Laying Patterns

Stepping Stones Introduction | Installation | Colors | Patterns


Introduction to Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones can be created to suit your own individual needs. They can also be placed any where around your home, such as your landscape area, as a garden path, and an inviting entrance to your home. Stepping-stones can be crafted from many types of stone and cement products. Things like, brick pavers, ocean rocks, river rocks, precast concrete pavers, rubber pavers, glass, natural stones and many more.

Mosaic stepping stones

The majority of those products are available in an assortment of colors, shapes, sizes and patterns. This is a great advantage because it helps you construct original and imaginative Stepping Stone installations.

Creating Your Own Patterns

Spreading mortar onto a wet stone Just about any pattern can be produced, whether you design your own patterns on the stones, keep the pattern in its original piece or place the stones in a continuous pattern along the ground. You can also create your own mosaic patterns by using chipped granite tiles, old used plates, and smashed up slate tiles. These patterned stones will beautify your garden and landscaped area. It is a great DIY job.

Here is a quick and simple guideline of how this can be done.

The main products you’ll need are:

  • Precast concrete to the size and shape you have chosen.
  • Types of tiles or pieces wanting to be used to create the pattern.
  • A thin type of mortar.
  • Grout.

Step One

Soak the concrete in a bucket of water. Once it has been removed from the water you can start to smooth the mortar over the concrete. The mortar should be thick in consistency.

Step Two

With the chosen tile pieces, you can start to create your own individual patterns. Once you have completed this, mix and spread the grout using a spatula. The grout’s main purpose is to fill in the gaps.

Arranging ceramic pieces on the mortar

Step Three

Using a soaked sponge, you can then remove any excess grout. The Stepping Stone then needs to be dried for 24 hours before use.

Stamped Patterns

There are hundreds of ways to create patterns, such as engraving old pavers, using laser images, and painting patterns on to the stones. Most natural stones have their own unique patterns formulated by nature. You can also make concrete Stepping Stones and stamp in patterns, designs or even images, the possibilities are endless!

Ground Patterns

Stepping Stones can be placed in any type of pattern you may desire. Remembering, Stepping Stones are not interlocked together, so the choice of patterns is endless. You may place them in a stepped path pattern, circular pattern, or a running brick pattern. Gaps between the stones are also a creative way of showing off your pattern.