About Natural Stone Pavers


Overview of Paver Types

Stone Pavers The term ‘stone pavers’ is a generic one because it is used to describe a broad range of natural stone pavers. Paversearch.com aims to clarify the subject of stone pavers.

There are three main categories of pavers that are available in the paver materials market.

  1. Stone Pavers
  2. Concrete Pavers
  3. Brick Pavers

The differences between these paver categories needs to be understood up front by every person that is seeking to install pavers at their property.

Why? Because the underlying differences between these 3 main categories of pavers has a vital bearing upon such important issues as applications, cost, design, installation procedures, technical standards and more.

Essentially, Stone pavers are found already existing in the earth and have been formed by natural forces during millions of years. Stone pavers are obtained either by being mined at a natural stone deposit, called a quarry, or collected from a rock outcrop. Stone pavers are not made by humans and are not manufactured in terms of being fired at a manufacturing plant.

Whereas, Concrete and Brick pavers are made in short period of time by industry professionals via a technical procedure involving mixing raw materials and firing at extreme temperatures at the manufacturer’s plant.

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Installing Stone Pavers

The great thing about Stone Pavers is that you can simply install them dry, on sand bedding. It really is that easy to create attractive paved flooring, with minimal hassle!     

Installing Stone Pavers

The advantage of dry-laid paving installations is that if you happen to make a mistake, you can easily make adjustments. This is not so simple when you’re setting pavers in mortar or concrete. The sand that swept between the pavers is what holds them in place, and prevents them from shifting over time.

The most important step in laying your Stone Pavers is preparing the bed in which they will sit. The sand bed should be planned out, and the appropriate depth should be considered. You may need to add a layer of filter fabric, to hold down the growth of weeds. You may also need a layer of crushed gravel or stone, if you think that your soil will not drain well.

It is highly recommended that you plan and consider all facets of your Stone Pavers installation, and if necessary consult your manufacturer for extra tips!