Stone Pavers Shapes


History of Stone Pavers

Stone pavers have been used for hundreds of years as far back as Ancient Rome. Back then stone pavers were used for roads. What is interesting thing is that they still exist today. That shows the durability of stone pavers. There are three categories that stone pavers are produced. 1. Natural stone pavers 2.Brick pavers. 3.Concrete pavers. Nowadays-stone pavers are produced and manufactured from brick and concrete unlike natural stone pavers which are quarried from natural stone.

Stone Pavers

Benefits and Features

Laying Pattern

What is exciting thing about stone pavers is the availability of the attractive shapes, patterns, and colors that you can select for all your paving needs for your residential property. If you have a dull, boring and lifeless driveway, walkway, pool area, patio or courtyard, applying stone pavers is the best option. Stone pavers can add beauty and elegance to the exterior of your home and its surroundings. That is why stone pavers are so popular these days and are a number one by choice of homeowners all around the world.

Choosing a Shape

Choosing a shape of stone pavers is crucial to the required pattern you want to achieve. Also stone paver shapes are an important factor to consider for the area you would like to have them placed. Select a shape carefully that will best suit the pattern you want to create. So be creative! Seek professional advice and additional information from your nearest paver stockists if required.       

Paver Shapes


Moulding Shapes


Two of the stone paver materials produced by the molding technique are concrete and brick pavers. The molding process that is carried out consists of the mixtures being poured into specialized molds that are specifically formed in various shapes.


Natural stone pavers are quarried. Whilst they are quarried they are found in block shapes. They can be cut into shape by using a masonry saw. This process is used by manufactures worldwide.

Cutting Pavers

Types of Shapes

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Circular
  • Serpent
  • Diamond
  • Oblong
  • Irregular
Stone paver Shapes

One of the great things about stone paver shapes is the beautiful and elegant patterns they provide.

Combinations of Shapes

Shape combinations

Most shapes are installed in numerous amounts of patterns. Most patterns contain at least one continuous shape that is used throughout the whole area while other patterns feature a combination of many shapes. Combining shapes such as rectangular and circular creates unique and distinctive pattern for larger areas such as driveways and walkways.

If you want to achieve a different yet original look, try using irregular stone paver shapes. If you want something that is simple, go for the squared and rectangular shapes.