Walkway Pavers Colors


Walkway Pavers

A walkway can be defined as a footpath or pavement used to get from one area to another. They can be designed using different types of pavers, shapes, patterns and colors in order to influence the effect they have on surrounds such as the house, driveway, garden or features close by.

The most popular material used to construct walkways is brick, however stone is also quite popular. These materials have the strength, durability and slip-resistant features suitable for heavy foot traffic areas.
TerracottaNaturalBlack SandsBaked EarthAutumn Leaves

Walkway pavers are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Below is a list of these colors that are available for them:

- Red Colonial - Peach - Terra Cotta - Prairie - Brown Chestnut

- Pewter - Tan - Chestnut - Silver Oak - Amaretto

- Charcoal - Buff - Camel - Slate - Bentcreek

- Cocoa - Malt - Cream - Rustic Bay - Citrus Cream

- White - Oyster White - Adobe - Biscayne - Knightsbridge

Silver OakRed


A large variety of colors enables those designing and constructing the walkway to mix and match the color of the walkway to the surrounding garden and house features. It is the vast color range and blends that makes pavers a very attractive choice.

Also, many ready stone paver colors can be mixed and matched to create more intriguing and unique shades and tones. These include:

  • Sandstone/ Terra Cotta/ Charcoal
  • Sandstone/ Buff/ Charcoal
  • Tan/ Charcoal
  • Terra Cotta/ Chocolate


 There are 4 different finishes available for stone and brick walkway pavers. These finishes include:

THERMAL: A rough finish created by applying high temperature flames to the surface of the stone. Such a finish is most suitable for walkways and pool decks because of its skid-resistant element.

POLISHED: A shiny gloss finish that is attractive to the eye because it brings out the complete color of the paver.

HONED: Unlike a polished surface, a honed finish brings out the complete color of the stone or brick without adding a shine or gloss. It has a more rustic look.

FLAMED: Involves discharging high temperature & high-speed flame onto the stone surface in order to achieve a jagged and uneven shape without sharp edges. The color produced will be less intense and more toned down than the original color.