Materials Used for Walkway Pavers


Walkway to House

Walkways are a practical and valuable feature that is used globally for residential and commercial properties. For residential properties, most homeowners apply pavers as a pathway that leads either to an entrance or exit for a specific area such as:

  • Main entrance of your home
  • Entrance to the pool area
  • Entrance to a patio and courtyard
  • Pathway to a clothesline
  • Landscaping and garden area
  • Entertaining and barbeque area
Paved Walkway

Paver Materials Used On Walkways

The 3 most commonly used pavers materials are:

1. Natural Stone Pavers

These are a natural product that is found and quarried all over the world. Natural stone pavers are widely used on walkways due to their natural qualities and beauty. They are durable, versatile and they offer many natural textures. There are several types of natural stones that can be used for your walkway application. These are:

  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Brownstone
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Bluestone

Most natural stones don't just offer natural elegance; they also offer many classy and unique colors that will make any walkway attractive and eye catching.

2. Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers These are manufactured and produced in factories therefore they are manmade product. This is a great benefit because shape and color choice is endless. There are also no limitations when it comes to selecting the right shaped pavers for any walkway.

They are the most suitable material for walkways. They're durable, versatile, heavy duty and long lasting. Their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions makes them a perfect choice.

Concrete pavers are also made to be slip resistant due to the fact that they are used for foot traffic. This an important factor when it comes to walkway pavers.

3. Brick Pavers

These are manufactured and processed in factories all over the world. They're fired at high temperatures to bind together all their main ingredients. The firing process also produces their earthy color tones.

Brick pavers are also versatile. Not only are they used on walkway applications, they can also be used for many other paving solutions. They are also durable, weather resistant and a sturdy material.

Brick Walkway

They also offer many shapes. These shapes can be placed in many creative laying patterns giving a unique appearance.

Walkway Material Maintenance

Maintaning Walkway Pavers

Each one of the above mentioned materials are easily maintained. Each material may require a certain type of cleaning solution to remove heavy stains. Otherwise they are easily cleaned by warm soapy water. Always ask  for advice from your local retailer as to which cleaning products will be most suitable.

Both concrete and brick pavers are easily replaced if they're harshly damaged.