Walkway Pavers Laying Patterns


Introduction to Walkway Pavers

A walkway is a pathway that leads you to a specific entrance. A walkway on a residential property is most likely to be seen at the entrance of your home, the entrance to your pool area, and the entrance to your garden area.

Walkway Pavers

They will create an inviting feel for all your guests and even you the homeowner. Walking down one can help you unwind and enable you to enjoy your home sweet home.

There are many beautiful colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns that pavers are available to suit your individual taste and requirements.


You can use your imagination to create amazing patterns. You can be as extravagant as you like with the paver's pattern or just be very simple.

Homeowners are becoming savvy about the appearance of their homes on the outside and are investing their hard earned money. This will not only enhance and create beauty to the exterior of their homes it will also increase the value of the property

There are three main materials that can be used on walkway applications:

  • Natural Stone Pavers
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Brick and Clay Pavers

Concrete Paver Patterns for Your Walkway

Concrete pavers can be cut, shaped, and size to suit your requirements. There are many enhancing colors for you to choose from. Due to the fact that they are manmade they can be produced in any type of shape. The shape of a paver is the most important factor in creating a specific pattern. Here are examples of common laying patterns for concrete pavers:

Laying Patterns
  • Herringbone at 90 degrees
  • Herringbone at 45 degrees
  • Stretcher Bond
  • Basket weave
  • Stack

Natural Stone Paver Patterns for Your Walkway

Running Stack Natural stone pavers come in a wide variety of beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes. Most natural stone are quarried stones. The common shapes are rectangular and squared. Natural stone is an excellent choice for any walkway application. They can be laid in a number of patterns such as:
  • Diamond
  • Running Stack
  • Stack
  • Variations of basket weave

Brick and Clay Paver Patterns for Your Walkway

Brick and clay pavers are produced in many shapes and sizes. The main shapes that they are featured in are oblong, squared and rectangular. They are the ideal choice for a walkway application. They can be laid in many enhancing patterns. One of their main patterns is the interlocking pattern. The interlocking pattern is where the pavers are cut one by one to interlock with the next paver side by side. This pattern is astounding.

Other common laying patterns for brick pavers are:

  • Running Stack
  • Diagonal
  • Interlocking Zigzagged
  • Stretcher Bond
Laying Patterns