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Asphalt paving is a low-cost solution favored by contractors, road engineers, landscaping companies, and property owners. For commercial and residential property owners who want an affordable paving material, asphalt is an excellent choice. It is relatively cheaper than other paving materials like concrete and stone pavers but is as effective just the same.

Asphalt provides other benefits that are too good to ignore. For one, asphalt can be recycled over and over, hence becoming a top option among green advocates. It is also durable and weather-resistant, necessitating very minimal maintenance and repair efforts over time. And, unlike concrete slabs or pavers that take time to install, asphalt is so easy to apply. Not only is this low-maintenance and quick apply features very convenient, they will also save you hundreds of dollars in labor cost.

Additionally, asphalt paving is a safe solution to cover the length of driveways, pathways, playgrounds, and similar spots within your property. Asphalt is a skid-free material that prevents accidental slip-and-fall, as well as drifting of car tires during rainy season. It also allows for improved distinction of road markings and prevents ice and snow build-up.

Finally, asphalt comes in various colors that are perfect for those who want a custom look and not the typical and uninteresting black and grey. You may choose from brown, green, red, and earth tone colors to achieve your desired appeal. Not only that, you can also pick your desired pattern for a truly interesting look.

All of these benefits are yours to enjoy when you ask your trusted contractor to use asphalt as a paving material. There are a lot of paving companies that offer asphalt paving solutions at competitive rates. However, choose a contractor who has the experience and necessary tools in performing asphalt installation.


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Asphalt is a versatile paving material and can rival paver in terms of the number of applications possible. Among the many asphalt paving applications include:

  • Driveways. You probably only need to look outside your property or drive over highways to see how extensively asphalt is used in busy roads. Asphalt can be the perfect driveway material considering that it is easy to maintain and repair, as well as being skid-proof.
  • Paths. Whether it’s a walkway or a jogging path, asphalt can guarantee you and your family’s safety by preventing accidental slip-and-fall. And because it is also customizable, you will be enticed to walk or jog often for a truly healthy regimen.
  • Parking Areas. Asphalt is the preferred paving for commercial parking areas because it is a low-maintenance paving material.
  • Pool/viewing decks. When handled by professionals, asphalt can be an effective and totally slip-proof and attractive paving solution for pool areas and viewing decks as well.
  • Playgrounds. While it is a fact that many property owners prefer concrete paver for playgrounds, more and more clients are discovering that asphalt can be a great alternative to such pricey material.


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