Laying Patterns For Building a Retaining Wall


About Building a Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls serve a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic one. When building your Retaining Wall installation, you have the option of choosing a pattern in which you would like the blocks to be laid. There are so many laying patterns to choose from, so there is bound to be something to suit any individual taste. When selecting a laying pattern, you may want to select the same sort of pattern that your pavers are laid in, or you may want to choose a pattern that totally contrasts that pattern altogether. The great thing about this is that the choice is yours, you can create any type of design you like.
Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall laying patterns can be simple to quite complex designs. You can even create the logo of your company or business name within the wall pattern. So whether it’s just a residential installation, or a more detailed commercial application, the pattern options available on the market today are extensive.


Random Pattern

Random Pattern The Random Pattern is the most popular Retaining Wall laying pattern. This pattern involves the use of varying sizes of blocks to construct the Retaining Wall. This gives the wall the appearance of a naturally crafted stone mason wall. It will provide an ancient type of charm, and would be ideal if you have used natural cobblestone pavers as your flooring material.

Running Bond

The Running Bond pattern involves the rows of Retaining Wall blocks overlapping the previous. It can be overlapped by half the width of the bottom block, or perhaps overlap by a third of the width of the bottom block.
Running Bond Pattern

Coursed Pattern

Coursed Pattern This is a standard pattern which is generally laid out in rows. In order to give the Retaining Wall a different appearance, the Coursed Pattern is laid with varying row heights. This laying pattern is a simple one, so if you want something that will not detract attention away from the rest of your landscaping, then this is ideal for you. Not to say that it is a boring pattern, for it will give a subtle compliment to your properties theme.

Mosaic Pattern

A Mosaic laying pattern creates that ‘old world’ charm, by imitating the designs of ancient styled Retaining Wall laying patterns.

The patterns are created by laying the Retaining Wall blocks in a random fashion. This is particularly effective when using natural stone materials.

Mosaic Pattern