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Some of the most overlooked and, consequently, neglected components of concrete features in outdoor areas are wall caps and coping. These unassuming components actually play a big role in keeping outdoor structures safe, attractive, and functional.

Caps and coping primarily act as protection against the damaging effects of constant exposure to the sun, rain, snow, and ice. They also adorn features such as pools and serve as deterrent to injuries caused by blunt pool edges. For retaining walls, on the other hand, wall caps add strength and durability to them, hence effectively extending their serviceable years.

Another benefit that you can get from wall caps and coping is they add appeal to pool areas, steps, and retaining walls. They are available in dozens of designs, shapes, and sizes that allow for easy customization. They can match your property’s existing overall theme for a truly harmonious look.

The different types of caps or coping include sandstone, concrete, bricks, limestone, marble, granite, bluestone, and slate. They come in various color options, such as terracotta, charcoal, dark brown, coffee, green, pink, blue, gray, beige, red, black, purple, white, and even two-tone. They also come in various textures, like rough (for a rustic and natural look), washed (features a porous-like texture), and smooth (resembles a painted surface). Meanwhile, you may choose from different shapes, such as pier caps (flat bottoms and shirt straight sides), classic (chiseled edges and crowned flat top), tier caps (pyramid shaped), and consular (sawn sloped top).

With skillful design and installation of wall caps and coping, it’s possible to combine form and function for a truly stand-out property.


Are you wondering what exactly the uses of wall caps and coping are? Let these videos explain the functions and benefits of these concrete features.

Creative Coping & Caps
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Pool Coping Selection
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Wall caps and coping are used in many areas in commercial and residential properties. Their versatility is a huge reason why property owners, DIY enthusiasts, landscaping contractors, and builders love to use them in their respective projects. These materials are used in the following applications:

  • Pools – Pool copings are inevitable features of any pool. They not only serve a decorative purpose but also act as protection against accidental cutting and similar injuries.
  • Retaining walls – Retaining walls will look better and last longer if they’re outfitted with sturdy wall caps.
  • Steps – Steps around properties need not look bland and boring. Using the right wall cap, any plain-looking steps will easily become a focal point in outdoor spaces.
  • Plant boxes – Who says plant boxes cannot look stunning? By installing decorative caps or coping, you can make your indoor or outdoor plant boxes add beauty and appeal to your property.
  • Sitting walls – Sitting walls are areas around properties where occupants can spend quality time or rest after a stroll of the vicinity. Make them pleasant to the eye by placing uniquely designed caps and coping.


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